Vanilla Config Pack for Barstow Coupe 1.0

Adds a bunch of Barstow configs based off of vanilla configs/parts, using the Coupe body

  1. Derp_de_Herp

    The Barstow Coupe mod - which surprisingly still works after all these years - is in my opinion is the best cosmetic mod for the Barstow ever made. The thing is, it only adds the body chassis option, which you have to select yourself.

    As such, I have made several configs using the Coupe Mod, which are designed so that they wouldn't look out of place in the vanilla game.
    Features include:
    • Totally traffic-compatible!
    • Good thumbnails for every configuration
    • Full descriptions, including years based off the First-Gen Mustang (which I heavily kept in mind while making every one of these configs)
    • I tried to use color variants that weren't used by the vanilla configs or whatever mod configs I may have installed with regards to my own game, so that you won't get these confused with other configs in the selection menu!
    • "Beater" and "GT" confiigs of my own original making
    • Much variety between configs (I kept in mind low to mid to high trim level options, as well as appropriately corresponding blackwall/whitewall/redwall tires, in a manner akin to how the actual First-Gen Mustang variants were styled
    • Bumpers that aren't excessively shiny (this had always annoyed me when it came to the Barstow and its regular configs)
    • Every config is in manual, so you won't have double the number of configs clogging up the menu because some sissies drive First-Generation Mustangs in automatic
    • 10 (Ten) Configs total!!!
    Below you can find a picture of each config included in this mod:
    353m_sport_coupe.png 423m_coupe.png 423m_sport_coupe.png beater_coupe_vanilla.png GT.png GT_coupe.png i6m_coupe.png 291m_coupe.png 291m_sport_coupe.png 353m_coupe.png

    Cheers, and please do enjoy!

    If you have any questions, concerns, or problems, don't use the reviews section - please, PM me so that we can solve the issue together! Also, if you enjoy this mod, it would mean a lot to me if you'd leave a good review and/or check out my other content, so that I'll know that I should make more good stuff! Thanks for looking and (hopefully) having downloaded, too!!!

Recent Reviews

  1. stallard99
    Version: 1.0
    looks bloody awesome
  2. bootyfarts
    Version: 1.0
    Looks great i like the way they were modeled.
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