Experimental Vehicle Global Strength, Weight, Size and Other Values Edit (WORKS FOR MODS!) 5.3

Universal mod for editing physics properties and swapping parts for official cars and most mods!

  1. Cooling system update

    This small update focuses on the cooling system of the vehicle. Changes:
    • Added intercoolers as separate parts from the turbos. There are quite a lot for you to choose from. You can swap for a better one to prevent overheating (leaving as empty means you just have the default one for this turbo). The bigger size the better, also note that modern cars generally have smaller intercoolers so in this case the older the better, except twin turbo intercoolers have double the power so these are the best. The drag one is for extreme 100+hp use only. List of all intercoolers:
    • Added Ultra High Performance Heavy Duty Drag Radiator for 1000+hp cars to prevent overheating.
    • Added Extreme Oil Cooler for the same use.
    • Updated Fast and Furious config with these parts because it really needed them.
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