Vintage Roof Rack 1.08

A roof rack with wooden platform for vintage vehicles.

  1. [1.08] Piccolina, Burnside Wagon, File Changes

    Any configs made equipping the roof racks before this update would be affected.
    • Jbeam
      • Burnside's "burnside_roofrack" is now "burnside_vintage_roofrack", same to Mirama. Causing earlier saved configs not loaded with the roof rack equipped.
    • Mesh
      • Each roof racks are now one mesh on their own.
    • Textures
      • All roof racks now share one set of textures, located inside 'roofrack_textures' under 'mod/vehicles/common/vintage_roof_rack/'...
  2. [1.07] Z Coupe

  3. [1.06] Suitcase With Proper Skins and Stickers

    • The suitcase got proper skins and stickers now :D
    • feel free making your own skins and stickers!
  4. [1.05] A Suitcase

    • A suitcase
      I'm trying to give it skins so it's easier to swap/add stickers and colors once I figure how

    • To equip it, first put the roof rack on, then select A Suitcase from the Roof Stuff slot
  5. [1.04] Mod renamed as "Vintage Roof Rack" and adds a roof rack for Miramar

    • Adds a roof rack for Miramar, this one's shaped slightly different
    • Adds a similar shaped one for Burnside Special (right pic)
    • Node names cleaned up
    • Added a slot ["roofrack_obj", "", "Roof Stuff"] in the jbeam
    • Renamed mod as "Vintage Roof Rack"
  6. [1.03] UV adjustment

    Minor UV adjustment.
  7. [1.02] It's now using the Additional Application slot instead of the Beacon slot.

    • It's now using the Additional Application slot instead of the Beacon slot.
    • minor adjustments of model and jbeam
  8. [1.01] Leftover Removal

    Get rid of some unused textures and files
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