Beta WBIMP Config Megapack 1.2 (bugfixes+patches)

1994 Pessima and Group Beam cars!

  1. The Ultimate (1994 Pessima, Group Beam Cars, and More!)

    Yes folks, its here
    The Biggest, and Baddest update yet

    Well, what am i waiting for! here are the specs:

    -Reworked IBX Covet (shorter wheelbase, less jagged, jbeam updates)
    screenshot_2019-12-18_19-59-36.png screenshot_2019-12-18_19-59-43.png screenshot_2019-12-18_19-59-53.png
    -Reworked ETK-I Sportcoupe (looks more like a Sport Quattro)
    screenshot_2019-12-18_20-01-24.png screenshot_2019-12-18_20-01-38.png
    -Reworked 2020 SBR4 (2020 GTR NISMO inspired)
    screenshot_2019-12-18_20-03-53.png screenshot_2019-12-18_20-04-02.png
    -ADDED NEW VEHICLE: 1994 Ibishu Pessima Sedan and Wagon
    screenshot_2019-12-18_20-06-39.png screenshot_2019-12-18_20-06-50.png screenshot_2019-12-18_20-07-50.png screenshot_2019-12-18_20-08-00.png screenshot_2019-12-18_20-08-58.png
    -ADDED NEW BODYSTYLE: 1980 Moonhawk Coupe and Convertible
    screenshot_2019-12-18_20-11-01.png screenshot_2019-12-18_20-11-21.png screenshot_2019-12-18_20-12-17.png screenshot_2019-12-18_20-12-25.png
    -ADDED NEW BODYSTYLE: Ibishu 200BX Coupe (no longer a hatch ;))
    screenshot_2019-12-18_20-14-04.png screenshot_2019-12-18_20-14-13.png screenshot_2019-12-18_20-14-21.png
    -ADDED NEW BODYSTYLE: Bolide Targa (was in the files, now completed)
    screenshot_2019-12-18_20-16-07.png screenshot_2019-12-18_20-16-16.png
    -ETKi Group Beam (Tarmac/Gravel- based on the Audi S1 Sportquattro)
    -Bolide Group Beam (Tarmac/Gravel- based on the Lancia 037 and Ferrari 308 GTB Michelotto)
    -Ibishu Pessima Group Beam (Tarmac/Asphalt- based on the Toyota Celica Alltrac)
    -ADDED RIMS: over 12 for Ibishu, 3 for Hirochi, 1 for Bruckell, 1 for ETK
    screenshot_2019-12-18_20-19-50.png screenshot_2019-12-18_20-20-19.png screenshot_2019-12-18_20-20-43.png
    -ADDED ~50 new configs
    -REMOVED useless configs, updated old ones to new standards
    -FIXED mismatched values of certain cars
    -FIXED so many bugs
    -FIXED many texture bugs
    -FIXED engines being to overpowerd in some cases
    -FIXED weird Piccolina thumbnails
    -FIXED an absolute TON of under-the-skin bugs


    -The D-series is a bit deprecated as of this update, 1.2.1 will deal with it.

    This is nowhere near how much has been changed, just the major stuff.
    go have some fun discovering all the new things!

    Special Thanks:

    -LJ Designs

    and many more :D

    Love y'all, stay spicy!
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