Experimental Weight Reduction 1.1c

Weight reduction upgrades utilizing BeamNG. drive's built-in scaling functions.

  1. Chrystale
    My main PC is currently getting fixed and it may take up to a month before get back to it again. Until I post an update for 0.22, I highly recommend people to disable this mod.

    25/05: The problem with my PC turned out to be worse than expected and it will be an unknown amount of time before I have it back. Until then, should anybody wish to update this mod to the current game version, I give full permission to re-upload this mod and/or make forks. If you have any basic knowledge of jbeams, a quick look at the files should pretty easily tell how this mod works and is made anyway.

    BeamNG. drive has built-in mass scaling values that this mod utilizes which allows you to reduce the weight of all standard official vehicles in the game, on top of any already weight-reducing or weight-adding parts. This is a bit of an arcade-y mod, as it flatly reduces the weight of the vehicle across the board. It also features weight increasing upgrades, on the sides.

    Every level of weight reduction multiplies the weight of the car by -5%, down to a minimum of -40% (depending on the vehicle).
    If you have a 1500kg car, the first stage should theoretically save 75kg, the 2nd 150kg, etc.

    Gavril D-Series
    Original Weight - 2010kg
    Stage 1 - 1913kg
    Stage 3 - 1719kg

    Gavril Barstow
    Original Weight - 1572kg
    Stage 2 - 1420kg

    Ibishu 200BX
    Original Weight - 1222kg
    Stage 2 - 1103kg
    Stage 4 - 984kg

    Gavril T-Series
    Original Weight - 6547kg
    Stage 3 - 5676kg

    ETK-I Acceleration and Braking times, 0-100 and 100-0
    No reduction
    0-100: 10.41s
    100-0: 4.04s
    Stage 2
    0-100: 9.36s
    100-0: 3.72s
    Stage 4
    0-100: 8.44s
    100-0: 3.50s

    Please understand that lowering the weight of a car in BeamNG is INHERENTLY unstable. If parts of the car start to vibrate during spawning, you may need to switch to a lower upgrade. Regardless of how I try to balance the values, some cars just cannot take too much of a reduction in weight. So if a car is missing the higher weight reduction stages, that's it.

    Note: This mod has it's own slot, it is done by overriding the cars' main jbeam file. This is a personal design choice as I use other mods which can only use the mod slot. Had I not done this, using my own mod would've prevented me from using those mods I like. This does mean that this mod will conflict with any other mods that may also have overridden the main car jbeam files. It is still possible to equip the weight reduction via the mod slot though.

    Known Issues:
    - Bluebuck: With high weight reduction levels, the Bluebuck makes a singular crashing sound whenever it gets respawned. Upon inspection with slow-mo, it's chassis just wiggles a ton for a millisecond before settling down. Other than that, the car is probably safe to drive afterwards.
    - Hopper: The Hopper vibrates very quickly in near-unnoticeable intervals, which you could only detect with the g-force app. Otherwise, it has no outstanding driving or physics issues. Just don't use the interior cameras.

    Enjoy my mod!

Recent Updates

  1. Compatibility Update
  2. Update 1.1

Recent Reviews

  1. Divepunk
    Version: 1.1c
    I got over 250 of them, and this is one of the best mods I've ever used period.

    Despite the name I use it primarily to create Armored/Reinforced vehicles(My favorite being a Burnside limo reinforced 200%).

    This mod allows you to make a racecar out of(almost) anything via the weight reduction feature. You want a lightweight drift-van but don't want to remove body panels? Now you can, hows a 3100lb(1.5ton) H-series sound? Or wanna make a veritable tank on wheels how about a 17,000lb(8.5ton)Heavily reinforce Bluebuck(stiffer suspension/higher tire pressure recommended) that will beat a Bus in a head on collision? This mods got you covered.

    I am not affiliated with this mod or the author at all. I just like it to be known when I like a mod and be informative as well about it. I've also been wanting a mod to allow reinforcement/armoring for years(and this works on ALL official vehicles). Very fitting for BeamNG, would love to see something like this officially integrated into the game!
  2. nemesisgameing
    Version: 1.1b
    ahhh super good for na and rally just tune suspension 30% more and it evens out .
  3. rnd2k
    Version: 1.0
    Is it possible to increase weight ?
    Version: 1.0
    so with this mod i can make my covet shtbox even lighter? YESSS MORE SPEED MORE POWERR LESS WEIGHTT
  5. ForZac
    Version: 1.0
    Very nice for N/A Tuned cars, i personally do a lot of these and in beamng weight has always been the limit for my builds. I often use STAGE 4 as a max cos others can be unstable. Anyways sick mod.
  6. ALEX3000
    Version: 1.0
    Please make a mod that changes the weight of each seat individually, using the slider. For example, if I weigh 85 kg, I set the slider to the appropriate value. And so with every seat.
  7. P_enta
    Version: 1.0
    You should apply this to humans and commercialize it, it will be a huge success.
  8. Bestboeing747
    Version: 1.0

    nice job I like it
  9. Szymon2007
    Version: 1.0

  10. Trophy
    Version: 1.0
    Makes some cars easy to roll, but is still very well tuned. As expected with lowering node weight, sometimes in crashes cars jiggle a lot, but still has been minimized a lot. Great idea, great execution.
    1. Chrystale
      Author's Response
      Yeah, that's cause lowering the weight of all nodes across the board won't change the center of mass and weight distribution, but it still turns quicker. So the cars that would topple over would've done the same with just grippier tires either way. Thanks for the feedback!
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