Beta Wendover engine in the Pessima 1.0

This mod is 100% pointless but my friend wanted it so here we are

  1. SandwichesANDmilk
    Wendover V engines in the pessima
    because yes
    Some features of the engines:
    -more power than the 2.0 when stock (the 3.3 is 3 hp more wow so fast)
    -tons of torque
    -v6 and v8 sound
    -v8 can make up to 1300HP if tuned

    Comes with:
    -Wendover 4.4L V8 with all tuning
    -Wendover 3.3/3.8L V6 with all tuning
    -Ultra heavy duty block for the V6s
    -Stage 3 supercharger that is super unrealistic for V6s
    -all modeled somewhat decently
    -Wendover radiators
    -A few configs
    -Wendover gear ratios so it shifts right

    some pics:
    screenshot_2021-07-11_17-01-34.png screenshot_2021-07-11_17-12-26.png screenshot_2021-07-11_17-14-26.png screenshot_2021-07-11_17-16-16.png
    this was a pretty low effort mod so it's not the most polished as it was just a thing I made for a friend in a few hours and decided why not post it.

    Future things I want to do:
    maybe some skins
    twin turbo maybe?

    feel free to make configs with it, just credit
    DM me for any questions

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