Wentward Pack 4.3.3

Everything from a 30FT shorty to a 60FT bendy bus

  1. Ai'Torror
    Wentward DT45L

    Wentward DT45L is a bigger brother of DT40L. It is 5ft longer which allows for more space in the interior. A steerable rear axle allows for turning a circle similar to its smaller brother while helping with weight distribution. Wentward DT45L has a Lower weight on each axle than DT40L, which will help keep those roads in better condition!

    Wentward DT35L
    Wentward DT35L is a 35FT bus from Wentward DT lineup. Thanks to its short wheelbase, It is perfect for city center, and lower weight results in lower fuel consumption, which makes it a perfect choice for less crowded routes.

    Wentward DT30L
    Wentward DT30L is a 30FT bus from Wentward DT lineup. Thanks to its extremely short wheelbase, It is perfect for routes along the tightest of streets.

    Wentward DT60L

    Wentward DT60L is a 60FT long pusher-style articulated bus. It May not be the best tight streets, but it can transport a lot of people.

    And yes, you can split it in half!

    In Addition to the busses listed above, this mod adds passenger weights to the base game Wentward DT40L (can be equipped in parts selector). Of course, said passenger weights can be used with DT30/35/45/60L busses as well.​
    - BeamNG Team: Original Wentward Bus
    - @synsol and @Diamondback : Not killing me for endless questions and some help.
    - Me: Putting this junk together in the wonkiest way possible and annoying people in the process.
    - @waboll Italy skin for the DT35L Italy config
    - @Car_Killer Some help with setting up the PBR materials and ESC for DT60L
    Known Issues!
    -deformation with the articulated joint isn't perfect.

    If you experience any problems, let me know in the discussion tab.

    Reviews are welcome :)

    If you enjoy my mods and feel generous, I accept donations either on Patreon or via PayPal. Thanks!

Recent Updates

  1. DT60L Nitrous node fix
  2. Texture cooking
  3. Dt60L config fix

Recent Reviews

  1. Davina
    Version: 4.3.3
    Just started exploring the bus routes for the first time & while they are relaxing I wasn't used to the length of the standard bus - trying this 30 it feels more natural & positionable. 45 is also realistic & more maneouvrable for a longer model. Bendy is of course totally suited for the 'bus route' that is Car Jump Arena... Just a shame there aren't any European bus mods, but the 35 Italy edition somewhat makes up for this.
  2. Winnie chen
    Winnie chen
    Version: 4.3.3
  3. K.A.R.R.
    Version: 4.2.2
    I Love this Mod! Maybe you can make the DT65L (Adds a 2. Live Rear Axle and a Door after the Axle)
    1. Ai'Torror
      Author's Response
      while 65FT version is not an issue, adding doors between rear axle and the engine is, since the transmission sits there and you just can't make the rear lower without major redesign of the rear section
  4. Domestos30
    Version: 4.2.2
    A wonderful mod, DT45L is awesome, but I have a problem with textures. I deleted the folders "citybus2" "citybus3", but it didn't help me.
    1. Ai'Torror
      Author's Response
      Please use the discussion tab for reporting issues.
  5. wangyiming721
    Version: 4.2.2
  6. hellacat
    Version: 4.1
    Always loved this mod! DT-45 is awesome
  7. OldCarsRule57
    Version: 3.1
  8. Blue Bird Gaming
    Blue Bird Gaming
    Version: 3.1
    Bigg Buss
  9. Yash_gamin144
    Version: 3.1
    He protec he attac but most importantly he buss
  10. Fredr3x
    Version: 4.01
    It’s back and even better than before!
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