Outdated Wentward Pack 3.1

Both small and Big

  1. Ai'Torror
    Wentward DT45L

    Official introduction:
    Wentward DT45L was introduced, as a bigger brother of DT40L. It is 5ft longer which allows for more space in the interior. Steerable rear axle allows for turning circle similar to the one of it's smaller brother while helping with weight distribution. Wentward DT45L has Lower weight on each axle compared to DT40L, which will help to keep those roads in better condition!

    Not so official introduction by @Vinh
    "Introducing our new (not really) Wentward DT45L. As the name implies, we made the vehicle longer and added an extra axle to support the weight not to add up to your tire bills the fuel consumption is higher and it's harder to find a parking space or a bus station where it fits but we have engineered it to have the exact turn radius as our normal DT45. The vehicle isn't exactly the pratical type due to it's length but it's wide range of application - from literall rockets (please don't use it when you are in the vehicle. We are not to be held responsible for deaths) to city buses. The handling is also improved thanks to the extra grip provided by the extra wheels but please. Don't try to drift it or overestimate it. We are NOT to be held responsible for property damage"

    Another not so official itroduction to Wentward DT45L by @AlexMD

    Ever wanted to drive the Dodge T-Rex? When you were young, you wanted to be a big mother trucker? Do you even have a driver's licence? No? But you can convince your municipalities to buy the new Wentward DT45L, which has the exact same number of axles as a Dodge T-Rex, handles like a semitruck and you only need a bus ticket to ride it!

    Wentward DT35L
    Wentward DT35L is a 35FT bus from Wentward DT lineup. Thanks to its short wheelbase, It is perfect for city center, and lower weight results in lower fuel consumption, which makes it a perfect choice for less crowded routes.

    Wentward DT30L
    Wentward DT30L is a 30FT bus from Wentward DT lineup. Thanks to its extremely short wheelbase, It is perfect for routes along the tightest of streets.

    After installing the mod clear the cache and make sure you do not have any folders called "citybus2", citybus3" or "citybus5" in documents/BeamNg.drive/vehicles, if you do, remove them. If you don't follow these steps you may have issues with textures and models.

    - @Vinh : Writing one of the descriptions
    - @AlexMD : Writing the other description
    - BeamNG Team: Original Wentward Bus
    - @synsol and @Diamondback : Not killing me for endless questions and some help.
    - Me: Putting this junk together in the most wonky way possible and annoying people in the process.
    - @waboll Italy skin for the DT35L Italy config
    Known Issues!

    -causes a crash when using bus routes!

    If you expirience any problem, let me know in the discussion tab.

    Reviews are welcome :)

    If you enjoy my mods and feel generous, I accept donations either on Patreon, or via PayPal. Thanks!

Recent Updates

  1. config fix
  2. Fixes, fixes and some more fixes...
  3. Short bus update

Recent Reviews

  1. aaa_
    Version: 3.1
    This is one of my favorite mods for the game. The new DT30L is amazing and something I've wanted since the DT40L was added to the game, finally a bus that can fit around Italy and other maps with small roads. I can't find any bugs or issues. These should be in the base game because they're so well done you'd think they're made by the developers.
  2. Aubameyang
    Version: 3.1
    This looks amazing but there is no wheels and doors
    1. Ai'Torror
      Author's Response
      Restart the game after installing the mod and clean the cache. Also make sure you're at the newest game version.
  3. YKS_Gaming
    Version: 3.1
    Excellent mod! I wonder if I can disable the rear steering on the DT45L tho, currently setting the rear steering to empty just bricks the rear wheels.
    Also would you be able to add a rear wheel drive variant(instead of the mid wheel drive for the DT45L)?
    1. Ai'Torror
      Author's Response
      Non steerable rear axle is doable, however swapping the axles around would be too much of a hustle for what its worth
  4. B3_Burner
    Version: 3.1
    Having driven buses in my 20's and 30's I can attest to the fact that the 30/35/&40 all look like the ones I drove. Beautiful job.

    My only gripe is that you did not link the discussion section. I would love to prattle on endlessly about my days as a bus driver, but this is not the place for that.

    Can't find the discussion section for this mod using the standard search box either.

    You need to link and even TAB your Discussion Section. Yes... it is that important !!!
    1. Ai'Torror
      Author's Response
      Ah, I forgot it isn't automatically generated since like a year or so lol, will make one soon then :)
      Thanks for the review!
  5. Derp_de_Herp
    Version: 3.1
    Great mod! My only gripe is that they're all separate vehicles when they would obviously make more sense as being under different configs of the vanilla DT40L (just like how the truck uplifts of the H-series aren't their own separate vehicle), so hopefully it would be possible to do that, pretty please???

    Otherwise, as others before me have said...AWESOME!!!
    1. Ai'Torror
      Author's Response
      Unfortunately as per repository rules, I can't overwrite In-game files, thus I can't change the default DT40L's name to "Wentward DT- Series", which would allow me to logically sort the configs within the vehicle selector, so instead of that I made them each separate vehicle, but to keep the file size down, most of the assets are shared between all my busses.
  6. zschmeez
    Version: 3.1
    This is awesome! I'm rooting for the 30 foot, since it's the size of bus I drive at work.
  7. Theodore The Class B20
    Theodore The Class B20
    Version: 3.1
    Well, this mod is great, and it certainly was one i wasn't expecting to be updated!
  8. italy0047
    Version: 3.1
    Is nice to see this mod working again!
  9. dahloven
    Version: 3.1
    YES! It's back!
  10. DaddelZeit
    Version: 3.1
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