West Coast USA with Lights [PERFORMANCE] 1.0

West Coast USA with working lights as a performance version of WC-USA with lights

  1. NoName.PX
    Hi there,
    I have made a new Version of my mod "[NEW] West Coast USA with Lights!"
    You can find it here .

    This version is basicly the same but the lights on this map dont cast any shadows.
    This helps increasing the performance a bit and is more suitable for users with lower-end PCs who want also to play on this map.

    I am still working on more ways to improve performance but the game-engine has it's limit, so don't expect a 60FPS boost at some point.

    If you find any bugs or have tips to improve performance, please let me know :)

    As always : Have Fun! :p


    1. west_coast_usa_preview3.png
    2. west_coast_usa_preview4.png
    3. west_coast_usa_preview1.png
    4. west_coast_usa_preview2.png

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    Version: 1.0
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