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Outdated What a drag! 1.0.2

Powerful dragster swapped into 'everyday' scenarios. Very Difficult.

  1. torsion
    Several stock BeamNG scenarios where the normal scenario vehicle has been swapped out in favor of the "V8 Drag" Moonhawk. The V8 Drag configuration is a real handful, so this increases the challenge quite a bit.

    This mod does not replace the stock scenarios, the new ones show up with their own thumbnails & names in the scenario picker.
    • "Town Course Short a... drag!" - target your "200BX" time
    • "Big Air Dragster" - around 30s (v0.5.1.0)
    • "Off-Road Short Course - Drag" - around 90s (v0.5.1.0)


    1. gm_ds_large_jumps_drag.jpg
    2. gm_ds_offroad_shortcourse_drag.jpg
    3. town_course_short_a_drag.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. gerdjan34
    Version: 1.0.2
    i hope that more people will make these kind of mods becouse beamng is a good game but in mods (the mods are great but there are non of them)
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