Whelen Engineering WS2100 Siren 1.0

Whelen Engineering WS2100 Siren for BeamNG.drive

  1. jordaniwick
    Whelen Engineering WS2100 Siren

    This WS2100 Siren made by Whelen Engineering is a loud, sexy sounding siren produced in America for Police, Fire and EMS

    This siren is used in many states all over the US and is also used in Canada.

    Need to get somewhere fast? Trust this siren to get you there. Clear the way on the highway.

    On your way to a domestic dispute at 115db it will sure get you there fast, loud and clear. (description used with permission from the author)
    (included in this pack: wail, yelp, priority, airhorn) 49962030202_3f6fc170cd_b.jpg

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