Experimental Winter, Rally Tires 1.0

A set of winter and normal rally tires for 13x5.5 rims.

  1. Isletnose
    This mod adds Rally tires and Winter rally tires to 13x5.5 rims. There is only one problem, there is no way to chance the on ice grip with out chancing the non ice grip more then a one level switch to metal in BeamNG.Drive. The problem is that the (Swedish)/7mm winter tires has to much grip(!) out side of the ice so the risk of the car fliping is big (if you are not on ice, but on ice it has the "right" grip (these are rally winter tires so they have alot of grip, but they are not realy road legal).


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Recent Reviews

  1. Wi11e_hj
    Version: 1.0
    i already know it is gonna be good but i dont know how to use it because i cant fild the 13x5.5 rims
    1. Isletnose
      Author's Response
      There are only four lug rims in the 13x5.5 size, and it's the factory rim on the Ibishu_Miramar GTZ.
  2. racerwilson1 2
    racerwilson1 2
    Version: 1.0
    This is great for the Miramar or any other small vehicle from the 60's
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