Beta XXS sport RWD 1.1

A NSX inspired car that is light and has a small engine but still rocks at the track

  1. jarnomodderkolk
    This is a light sports car based on automation's NSX body shape.

    it's a good track car automation rates it as a 74,6% Track car

    It has got decently wide tires for its weight and power, which makes it very good trough the corners, even without ESC, you will never get any twitchy moments.
    The car lacks speed at the straights, don't expect to go any higher than 200 on a normal track. but that's not what this car was meant for, that's why i made it high revving, so the car will still feel sporty.



    The detailed specs of the car:

    - Engine
    187 hp @ 8600RPM
    160 Nm @ 7500RPM
    Top speed ~ 223kmh
    1.6L i6
    mounted Mid Longitudinal RWD
    Compression 11.0:1
    Fuel system: NA multi-point EFI
    Redline at 9.500 RPM
    Runs on Premium 95 RON
    Exhaust diameter: 57.1mm
    6-speed manual gearbox

    - Body
    Panel material: aluminium
    Chassis type: semi space frame
    Chassis material: aluminium
    car weight: 1285 kg 47% front 53% rear
    Downforce undertray
    Active wing
    Safety standard 00s
    2 door
    Wheelbase: 2,57m
    Length: 4,42m

    - interior
    no entertainment

    - Suspension
    Pushrod front and rear
    Springs: Active sport
    Dampers: Adaptive
    Sway bars: Passive
    Ride hight 180mm

    - Brakes
    Front: Vented disc 4 piston 280mm
    Rear: Vented disc 2 piston 235mm

    Driving assists:
    Variable Hydraulic power steering
    ESC + LC

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  1. Now with the right file attached

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  1. Daver37cz
    Version: 1.1
    You got the same idea!! AWESOME car
    1. jarnomodderkolk
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