Zaz Vida Replica(Chevrolet Aveo) 1.0

a little bit ugly ukrainian chevrolet aveo replica

  1. SHΛW
    Some photos from real life

    Dis ukrainian post-soviet sedan features a
    -Almost real I6 with max speed of 170 km/h
    -Mechanical 5 gearbox, almost real
    -Real brakes and suspension

    -Very cheap to buy irl (its a joke if u didnt understood)

    Plz download and say why dis car is masterpiece (or not)
    Next car will be Zaz Lanos
    Sorry for bad english

    Some screens
    upload_2019-9-1_13-58-28.png upload_2019-9-1_13-58-42.png upload_2019-9-1_13-58-52.png


    1. upload_2019-9-1_14-7-13.png
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