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    Resource Update

    monster mega pack: more vehicles 1.1

    more vehicles
    Posted By: volltreffer1, Aug 2, 2021 in resource: monster mega pack, in category: Automation
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    Resource Update

    Water Lion: paint update 1.1

    a new paint design for the new BeamNG update
    Posted By: volltreffer1, Jul 13, 2021 in resource: Water Lion, in category: Automation
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    Resource Update

    GMG Dragon Lord 6x6: sound fix 1.1

    engine sound fix
    Posted By: volltreffer1, Jul 5, 2021 in resource: GMG Dragon Lord 6x6, in category: Automation
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    Resource Update

    Earthquake: bug fix 1.1

    Grafik bug fix
    Posted By: volltreffer1, Jul 5, 2021 in resource: Earthquake, in category: Automation
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    Resource Update

    Porsche 6x4: new ,od picture 1.05

    I added a new icon picture to the mod folder.
    Posted By: volltreffer1, Jul 5, 2021 in resource: Porsche 6x4, in category: Automation
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