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A Barstow side details suggestion

Discussion in 'Ideas and Suggestions' started by sduncil95, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. sduncil95

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    Jun 28, 2016
    I haven't seen this mentioned in any other suggestion or official content forum yet so I'll just make one now. I decided to park in a random lot on east coast and admired the side marker lights embedded in the bumper wondering how hard it would be to change the light bulbs (I know weird, Autozoner worries i guess) and I noticed that the barstow lacks any lettering or trim on the sides. Ok sure some cars in '69 may have nothing on the sides, but this is a barstow a pony/muscle car it should have something on the sides other than the mirrors and door handles even if it isn't a roadsport(more on that later). I looked up a 1969 mustang since it is what the barstow is imitating and it has side lettering and vents the second car is not a '69, it's a 1968 chrysler newport(has matching quarter glass to barstow) and even it has side details, the barstows sides are rather bland there's nothing there to break up the look no vents to hypothetically add cooling to the rear brakes and more importantly theres no lettering letting the average Joe passing by know what exact car he/she is looking at i/e engine size or even the cars name. Now I'm not saying add engine size lettering to every v8 config, the 291 is more of a base v8 in my eyes(with exceptions) but the 353 and 423 configs should at least get a subtle 353 chrome lettering or a white or black 423 decal on the sides just behind the front wheels underneath the car's name(name should be on the sides of all configs imo). Now about the roadsports yes they do have lettering but again they lack the engine size badging, I'm sure that if you bought a roadsport you'd want the world to know what size engine you have crammed under the hood even more so a lancehead or kingsnake latter two being high dollar performance models. I also think that the barstow should have a low burbling growl for an idle and have a throaty roar when you punch it but that can be discussed later, this is just some food for thought on trim. reference pictures below. BOSS429.jpg AwesomeAmazingGreat-1969-Ford-Mustang-1969-mustang-coupe-20182018-20192019.jpg 66243581-770-02X.jpg
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