WIP Beta released A new *CITY* map - LOS INJURUS 2021-06-21

The large city of Los Injurus welcomes you with an update!

  1. Bauer33333

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    Jul 25, 2020
    There are no streetlights on this map, if you are talking about the traffic lights, they have never worked 100%

    Not sure if the airport arrivals road is supposed to be a canopener, it's at the perfect height for the tgs with the bumps. You may need to add a warning sign or two, the bump is the smaller issue to be warned, lol
    If you decide to rise the bridge/lower the road a height of at least 4.20m would be nice so that the 4.15m capsule bus fits, but driving with that bus around the map is quite interesting anyway since canopener moments happen very frequently, so one too low bridge more or less wouldn't make a difference, just a 4m truck should fit.
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  2. silvermanblu

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    Mar 1, 2013
    Really no point to have commercial vehicles going to the front of the terminal. It's mostly for arrivals and departures. I do think we need some sort of cargo ramp for the airport.

    Also Bob, come back :(
  3. mickeybish1234

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    Jan 28, 2017
    bob's been working on the 11'8" bridge remaster in secret this entire time probably
  4. ltntai

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    Mar 18, 2017
    We miss your weekly health, weather, and map progress reports. I hope everything is well.
    OT: There's a small typo on the police building plaque.
    Unless your tax assessor plays old slavic death metal in the basement. Sample
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  5. bob.blunderton

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    Apr 3, 2015
    Street lighting won't be for a bit yet, due to the fact that relies on a script, and the engine has some work in that department yet to-do (I don't want to have to do it and do it again a month later). It will be in as-soon-as-possible (tm) that I won't have to do double-work.
    Good note on the can-opener at the airport, it's not supposed to have truck traffic though (trucks go to the rear of the terminal, though the areas aren't signed/marked yet). I will make a note here to get that signed so that we're not decapitating trucks as much. It fits buses, but not made for trucks.
    Hopefully the approach road (on the return side) doesn't decapitate them too (where the runway / staging areas overhang, though that's a bit WIP there as it's not 100% detailed yet).
    @silvermanblu We do need a cargo ramp, there's sort-of one in the back, but it's not good enough.
    My bad, good call on that, I can fix the graphics fairly readily. Wouldn't have caught that otherwise.
    And yes, I do miss making my constant posts, but I have had some other issues to deal with.
    Pretty much everything that can go wrong, will go wrong, and did, but the project lives - it shall not die unless I die - and I've just been dealing with things one at a time.
    Between health, rights management on various assets I am trying to clear for city use (and modder re-use!), and hardware issues, I've had my plate full. Even simply deleting a file (or trying to!) caused an issue the other day and locked the entire interface up repeatedly. Eventually fixed that, but still I was doing a lot of swearing that day.
    Now we're having ice storms in-stead of tornadoes, but that's none-the-better as the power goes out A LOT here when we get ice due to being far from substations and power plants.
    I am working on models, I just am not showing everything so that we can have a nice surprise when the update drops. Besides rights and such for assets (models and textures, must contact each author for commercial assets, and must contact many authors for a reprieve from the no-commercial/share-alike use clause on some licenses on a case-by-case basis for some free models that are useful), while it tends to drag things out, my 'decent' knowledge of the legal field keeps me from being an idiot and getting DMCA'ed over something stupid.
    If I send it out now, there'd be a lot more orange-textured roads than I care to elaborate on with screen shots. Basically, it looks like I broke the thing more than anything, and while I have done anything but, until I finish the graphics update on the back-end of the map, I can't send it.
    I had wanted to get it out before, but it was too much to handle and these things need time. Most of the additional delays come from game updates in the last two major versions of the game and changes to the rendering engine. It just needs to be done correctly, otherwise it's not worth doing / just double-work in the end.
    The DEC 2018 collector road (5-lane road with central turning lane) update (that was lost when I lost the c: drive that month) I have managed to finally get added back into the map (yeah 3 years later? where did the time go!) as I've found them archived / backed up in the mean-time. These are the ones with built-in reflectors (GTA V has these) and make it a lot easier to see at night.
    Speaking of being able to see, I finally hooked up the monitors (almost a month ago now) I had bought in the previous spring for roughly 10% of their value new, and having two (will install the 3rd when I have the physical function enough to enable me to re-do the desk here) monitors makes it WAY easier to model and do UV work on here, a whole lot easier. It has shaved a good 25% off the time it takes to do UV work, if not more.
    I was originally going to shave off some quality to get things done quicker, but I scrapped that idea as it goes against the don't-do-double-work policy I have personally and could hit FPS, possibly badly.

    So here's the conundrum here: as I update the road textures, building textures, and everything else over to the newer formats, I am also simultaneously removing the old ECA assets and adding in new / better commercial assets (and that's where rights come in, so everything doesn't end up in the taboo commercial folder). So it's a long, complicated drawn-out process, that will make Los Injurus not only better, but also make it stick around and not get ban-hammered.

    Oh, and speaking of health, winter = suffering time for joint-pain sufferers, plus the usual seasonal depression stuff (not too bad here, but it doesn't help). I finally am getting over whatever sickness I had, possibly Covid, but it took THREE WEEKS, sheesh!

    So no worries here about the project please, it still is being worked on, but I don't always post about it as much as I had before.
    I can only promise it will be worth the wait.
    On the bright side this also enables me to fix a lot of the issues I had personally with things on this project (textures that weren't good enough, doubled up resources and other redundant stuff, wrong names on things and such)... so it's not all bad.

    I am here, as I will continue to be, for as long as I can foresee, modeling, mapping, texturing, etc and doing about all that I can to shove this project along the long, challenging, time-consuming road to completion.
    Thank-you to the folks who help support this project, as I could not carry it myself or do it without you.
    --That is all for now.
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