beamngpy: spawn two vehicles not working

Discussion in 'Programming' started by benjiiiii, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. benjiiiii

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    Mar 9, 2019
    Hi All

    We are now trying for a while to spawn two vehicles in one scene, somehow this does not work
    and it throws an error. When we comment out `vehicle2 = Vehicle('other', model='piano', licence='CRASH')` and `vehicle2.ai_set_mode('disabled')` the code works, but obviously we then only have one vehicle. Could someone help us to understand why we can only load one vehicle?


    # Instantiate BeamNGpy instance running the simulator from the given path,
            # communicating over localhost:64256
            bng = BeamNGpy('localhost', 64256, home=r'.\\research-14\\trunk')
            # Create a scenario in west_coast_usa called 'example'
            scenario = Scenario('smallgrid', 'car crash simulaton')
            # Create an ETK800 with the licence plate 'PYTHON'
            vehicle = Vehicle('ego_vehicle', model='etk800', licence='PYTHON')
            vehicle2 = Vehicle('other', model='piano', licence='CRASH')
            # Add it to our scenario at this position and rotation
            scenario.add_vehicle(vehicle, pos=(0, 0, 0), rot=(0, 0, 0))
            scenario.add_vehicle(vehicle2, pos=(0, 2000, 0), rot=(0, 0, 90))
            # Place files defining our scenario for the simulator to read
            # Launch BeamNG.research
            # Load and start our scenario
            # Make the vehicle's AI span the map
            road_a = Road('track_editor_C_center', looped=True)
            nodes = [
                (0, 0, 0, 0),
                (0, 90, 300, 1)
            vehicle.control(gear=2, throttle=1)
            while 1:
                vehicle.control(gear=2, throttle=1)
    And here is the error we are getting:

    002.071|D|StandardMainLoop::doMainLoop|Started up in 2.06 seconds...
    002.113|E|GELua.core_levels.levels|info.json missing: /levels/garage/info.json
    002.117|E|GELua.core_levels.levels|No entry point for level found: /levels/garage. Ignoring level.
    002.131|E|GELua.core_levels.levels|info.json missing: /levels/garage/info.json
    002.132|E|GELua.core_levels.levels|No entry point for level found: /levels/garage. Ignoring level.
    002.190|D|GELua.bindings|Registered new action map: RoadEditorActionMap
    002.192|D|GELua.bindings|Registered new action map: ReplayPlaybackActionMap
    002.195|D|GELua.bindings|Registered new action map: ExplorationGeneralActionMap
    002.279|D|SFXFMODProject::acquire|SFXFMODProject: Opened project 'art/sound/FMOD/Desktop/' in 0.074364 seconds.
    002.459|D|SFXFMODProject::acquire|SFXFMODProject: Opened project 'art/sound/FMOD/Desktop/' in 0.038858 seconds.
    002.658|D|SFXFMODProject::acquire|SFXFMODProject: Opened project 'art/sound/FMOD/Desktop/' in 0.098020 seconds.
    002.872|D|Win32Window::setVideoMode|AntialiasLevel: 4,BitDepth: 32,FullScreen: 0, RefreshRate: 59, Resolution: 1824x824, wideScreen: 0
    002.875|D|GFXD3D11WindowTarget::resetMode|setting video mode: Width 1824, Height 824, Format 1, Windowed 2000
    002.898|D|GFXD3D11WindowTarget::resetMode|setting video mode: Width 1800, Height 760, Format 1, Windowed 2000
    003.030|D|SFXSystem::createDevice|Using default audio device: Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio(SST))
    003.038|D|GFXD3D11WindowTarget::resetMode|setting video mode: Width 1824, Height 824, Format 1, Windowed 2000
    003.373|E|BEAMNGCEF::BNGCefClient::OnResourceResponse|MainGEUI | local://local/ui/modules/lightrunner/lightrunner.js | response: 404 - ERROR
    003.740|E|GELua.core_levels.levels|info.json missing: /levels/garage/info.json
    003.743|E|GELua.core_levels.levels|No entry point for level found: /levels/garage. Ignoring level.
    003.749|E|GELua.core_levels.levels|info.json missing: /levels/garage/info.json
    003.757|E|GELua.core_levels.levels|No entry point for level found: /levels/garage. Ignoring level.
    003.834|D|GELua.core_gamestate.gamestate|show main menu (true)
    003.890|D|GELua.core_gamestate.gamestate|ui finished loading
    004.029|D|GELua.core_modmanager.modmanager.initDB|Notification : took 0.0013ms to reorganise 0 files
    004.030|D|GELua.core_modmanager.modmanager.initDB|Notification : took 1.593ms to callback
    004.034|E|GELua.core_levels.levels|info.json missing: /levels/garage/info.json
    004.036|E|GELua.core_levels.levels|No entry point for level found: /levels/garage. Ignoring level.
    004.070|E|GELua.extensions|extension unavailable: telemetry_gameTelemetry at location: telemetry/gameTelemetry
    004.074|E|GELua.extensions|extension unavailable: editor_main at location: editor/main
    004.138|D|CEF.local://local/ui/lib/int/logger.js:70|MainGEUI | [Console] Expected AppLayout but didn't get one :-(
    004.262|E|GELua.core_levels.levels|info.json missing: /levels/garage/info.json
    004.265|E|GELua.core_levels.levels|No entry point for level found: /levels/garage. Ignoring level.
    004.293|D|CEF.local://local/ui/lib/int/beamng-core.js:375|MainGEUI | invalid image data: imageurls =
    005.032|I|GELua.util_researchGE.ResearchGE|Trying to connect to: localhost:64256
    006.067|D|GELua.extensions|unloadInternal: core_repository
    006.092|D|GELua.scenario_scenarios.scenarios|loading level: levels/smallgrid/main.level.json
    006.094|D|GELua.core_gamestate.gamestate|loading screen request from: levels; value before was: nil
    006.096|D|GELua.core_gamestate.gamestate|sending show loading screen
    006.098|D|GELua.core_gamestate.gamestate|ui initialised (true)
    006.100|D|GELua.core_gamestate.gamestate|waiting for ui (false)
    006.107|D|GELua.core_gamestate.gamestate|loading screen request from: server.lua; value before was: nil
    006.110|D|GELua.core_gamestate.gamestate|ui initialised (true)
    006.112|D|GELua.core_gamestate.gamestate|waiting for ui (false)
    006.115|D|GELua.core_gamestate.gamestate|loading screen request from: worldReadyState; value before was: nil
    006.117|D|GELua.core_gamestate.gamestate|ui initialised (true)
    006.131|D|GELua.core_gamestate.gamestate|waiting for ui (false)
    006.133|D|GELua.core_gamestate.gamestate|exiting : levels
    006.492|D|GELua.core_gamestate.gamestate|ui told us loading screen is now loaded
    006.532|D|SFXFMODProject::acquire|SFXFMODProject: Opened project 'art/sound/FMOD/Desktop/' in 0.038412 seconds.
    006.725|I|GELua.main|Loading default vehicle
    006.728|I|GELua.main|Loading the default vehicle etk800
    006.909|I|GELua.missionLoad.lua|*** loading mission: levels/smallgrid/main.level.json
    007.155|I|GELua.missionLoad.lua|*** Mission loaded: levels/smallgrid/main.level.json
    007.157|D|GELua.serverConnection|Everything should be loaded setting worldReadyState to 1
    007.159|D|GELua.scenario_scenarios.scenarios|changeState: pre-start
    007.162|D|GELua.spawn.lua|not spawning player upon request
    007.163|D|GELua.core_gamestate.gamestate|exiting : server.lua
    007.167|D|GELua.clientStartMission|starting mission: levels/smallgrid/main.level.json
    007.174|D|GELua.scenario_scenarios.scenarios|Starting scenario : car crash simulaton
    007.177|D|GELua.scenario_scenarios.scenarios|Scenario path : levels/smallgrid/scenarios/car crash simulaton.json
    007.179|D|GELua.scenario_scenarios.scenarios|spawning prefabs ...
    007.181|D|GELua.lua|adding prefab car crash simulaton
    007.184|D|GELua.lua|loading prefab car crash simulaton
    007.188|W|ConsoleTypeTypeColorF::setData|TypeColorF() - Invalid single argument of 'None' could not be interpreted as a stock color name.  Using default.
    007.190|W|StockColor::colorF|Could not find stock color name 'None', defaulting to 'White'
    007.192|W|ConsoleTypeTypeColorF::setData|TypeColorF() - Invalid single argument of 'None' could not be interpreted as a stock color name.  Using default.
    007.194|W|StockColor::colorF|Could not find stock color name 'None', defaulting to 'White'
    007.199|W|ConsoleTypeTypeColorF::setData|TypeColorF() - Invalid single argument of 'None' could not be interpreted as a stock color name.  Using default.
    007.201|W|StockColor::colorF|Could not find stock color name 'None', defaulting to 'White'
    007.206|I|BeamNGVehicle::spawnObject|Spawning object 'etk800' with config: vehicles/etk800/etk854t_A.pc
    007.277|D|libbeamng.lua.V.default.init|spawning vehicle vehicles/etk800/
    007.338|D|libbeamng.lua.V.default.init|  using partconfig filename vehicles/etk800/etk854t_A.pc - path:vehicles/etk800/
    008.292|D|libbeamng.lua.V.vehicleController.settingsChanged|NOT refreshing settings before access
    008.426|I|GELua.main|Player #0 vehicle switched from: nil to: id 5088 (vehicles/etk800/)
    008.476|D|DirectInputDevice::setupForceFeedback|No matches found for player 0, desc 'xaxis', device 'mouse0' (abandoning search on this device)
    008.477|D|DirectInputDevice::setupForceFeedback|No matches found for player 0, desc 'xaxis', device 'keyboard0' (abandoning search on this device)
    008.937|W|ConsoleTypeTypeColorF::setData|TypeColorF() - Invalid single argument of 'None' could not be interpreted as a stock color name.  Using default.
    008.940|W|StockColor::colorF|Could not find stock color name 'None', defaulting to 'White'
    008.948|W|ConsoleTypeTypeColorF::setData|TypeColorF() - Invalid single argument of 'None' could not be interpreted as a stock color name.  Using default.
    008.950|W|StockColor::colorF|Could not find stock color name 'None', defaulting to 'White'
    008.955|W|ConsoleTypeTypeColorF::setData|TypeColorF() - Invalid single argument of 'None' could not be interpreted as a stock color name.  Using default.
    008.960|W|StockColor::colorF|Could not find stock color name 'None', defaulting to 'White'
    008.965|D|GELua.main|prefabLoaded: 5086,"car crash simulaton"
    009.000|D|GELua.core_camera.|Camera switched to "orbit"
    010.781|I|GELua.util_researchGE.ResearchGE|Setting engine flags!
    010.784|D|GELua.scenario_scenarios.scenarios|processing vehicles. Found 2 vehicles
    010.788|D|GELua.scenario_scenarios.scenarios|5088 = ego_vehicle
    010.790|D|GELua.scenario_scenarios.scenarios|5481 = other
    010.798|E|GameEngineLua:Exception|[string "lua/ge/extensions//scenario/scenarios.lua"]:722: attempt to index local 'vehicle' (a nil value)
    =============== Stack Traceback >> START >>
    (1) metamethod C function '__index'
    (2) Lua upvalue 'processObjectsStartingTransform' at line 722 of chunk '"lua/ge/extensions//scenario/scenarios.lua"]'
      Local variables:
      (for generator) = C function: next
      (for state) = table: 0x021193f2e748  {ego_vehicle:5088, other:5481}
      (for control) = userdata: 0x7fff00000002
      vecName = string: "other"
      vid = number: 5481
      vehicle = nil
      (*temporary) = table: 0x0211941633e8  {ego_vehicle:table: 0x021194163478}
      (*temporary) = table: 0x0211941635e0  {}
      (*temporary) = number: 5481
      (*temporary) = nil
      (*temporary) = nil
      (*temporary) = string: "attempt to index local 'vehicle' (a nil value)"
    (3) Lua upvalue 'completeStartUp' at line 853 of chunk '"lua/ge/extensions//scenario/scenarios.lua"]'
    (4) Lua upvalue 'tickPreStart' at line 1515 of chunk '"lua/ge/extensions//scenario/scenarios.lua"]'
      Local variables:
      dt = number: 4.24526
      dtSim = number: 0.00662263
    (5) Lua function '?' at line 2053 of chunk '"lua/ge/extensions//scenario/scenarios.lua"]'
      Local variables:
      dt = number: 4.24526
      dtSim = number: 0.00662263
    (6) Lua field 'hook' at line 454 of chunk '"lua/common/extensions.lua"]'
      Local variables:
      func = string: "onPreRender"
      funcList = table: 0x0211a2034ab8  {1:function: 0x021193e04b90, 2:function: 0x0211a2025058, 3:function: 0x021193ddc888 (more...)}
      (for index) = number: 6
      (for limit) = number: 10
      (for step) = number: 1
      i = number: 6
    (7) Lua function 'luaPreRender' at file 'lua/ge/main.lua:360' (best guess)
      Local variables:
      dtReal = number: 4.24526
      dtSim = number: 0.00662263
      dtRaw = number: 4.24526
    --------------- << END <<
    010.900|D|Material::_mapMaterial|[Material::mapMaterial] - Cannot map unnamed Material - scripts/client/beamng.cs
    011.094|D|GELua.gamestate|Checking material finished loading
    011.104|D|libbeamng.lua.V.hydros.init|Response to FFB config request: nil
    011.106|D|GELua.core_gamestate.gamestate|exiting : worldReadyState
    011.107|D|GELua.core_gamestate.gamestate|show main menu (false)
    011.108|D|GELua.core_gamestate.gamestate|exiting loading screen to menu
    011.505|E|GELua.core_levels.levels|info.json missing: /levels/garage/info.json
    011.507|E|GELua.core_levels.levels|No entry point for level found: /levels/garage. Ignoring level.
    011.512|D|CEF|VehicleTex-@etk800_gauges_screen | Uncaught ReferenceError: VehicleInfo is not defined
    011.514|D|CEF.local://local/vehicles/common/ETK_navi_screen.html:151|VehicleTex-@etk800_screen | Received empty map data
    011.521|D|CEF|VehicleTex-@licenseplate-default-normal | Uncaught ReferenceError: VehicleInfo is not defined
    011.524|D|CEF|VehicleTex-@etk800_screen | Uncaught ReferenceError: VehicleInfo is not defined
    011.527|D|CEF|VehicleTex-@licenseplate-default | Uncaught ReferenceError: VehicleInfo is not defined
    011.529|D|CEF|VehicleTex-@licenseplate-default-specular | Uncaught ReferenceError: VehicleInfo is not defined
    012.777|I|libbeamng.lua.V.ResearchVE|Trying to connect to: localhost:64257
    013.818|I|GELua.util_researchGE.ResearchGE|Setting engine flags!
  2. Signaltonsalat

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    Staff Member

    May 24, 2018
    Hello, by default, .research only allows for a single vehicle. Contact us at with what you're trying to do and we can work something out. Thanks!
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