Outdated Bruckell Moonhawk T-Top, Sedan, Station wagon, Ute & Limousine V0.3.0

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    Aug 11, 2013
    OUTDATED, working on an update.
    In the meantime, use the version SergentFido kindly provided in THIS POST

    Bruckell Moonhawk Sedan,Station, Ute, T-Top & Limousine mod by AR162b for BeamNG


    Version 0.2.0 released April 6th 2015
    Summary; Added pressurewheels, ute-, T-top-, limo body, new front parts. Using Multi-Dae now.

    Version 0.2.1 released April 6th 2015
    Summary; fixed materials file. Fixed orange dashboard part and the werid texture when crashing.

    Version 0.2.2 released April 7th 2015
    Summary; fixed texture when crashing, fixed some small things

    Version 0.2.3 released April 8th 2015
    Summary; Replaced the materials file, it shouldn't interfere with the original Moonhawk anymore.

    Version 0.3.0 released May 31st 2015
    Summary; Updated to BeamNG v0.4.2; wheels, suspension, glass, some other jbeams. Improved some meshes, added drag parts, taxi signs, vinyl roofs, lots of decals, new wheels


    Installation instructions: (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY)

    For BeamNG version >

    1) If present, remove the old mod version in ...\Documents\BeamNG.drive\mods\
    2) Download the zip file which is located at the bottom of this post and put it the mod directory, so it looks like: ...\Documents\BeamNG.drive\mods\moonhawk_sedan_AR162b.zip
    3) If present, remove the mods old DAE cache folder: ...\Documents\BeamNG.drive\cache.0.4.#.#\vehicles\moonhawk_sedan
    4) If present, remove the mods old materials cache folder: ...\Documents\BeamNG.drive\vehicles\moonhawk_sedan
    5) Enjoy the game

    The lua folder must be inside of the moonhawk folder.



    This mod includes besides the original (but many slightly adjusted) Moonhawk files:

    Main stuff:

    - 'main' jbeam

    - slightly modded the original headers; added a node to prevent clipping when the exaust gets torn off.

    - 299cm wheelbase frame for the sedan, station and ute.
    - 389cm Wheelbase frame for the limo
    - sedan body, including 4 doors, new chrome, glass, rear bumper, exhaust, a lot of moved original coupe stuff (wheels, suspension, trunk, bumper etc) (adjusted jbeam V0.2.0)
    - station wagon body (uses the sedan doors and running gear), new chrome, new glass, rear bumper, exhausts, side opening trunk, hump plates (adjusted jbeam V0.2.0)
    - ute body, most of it based on the station including new chrome, glass, regular opening trunk (uses the coupe doors) (new V0.2.0)
    - T-top body, a slightly altered coupe body including glass and metal T-top roofs (new V0.2.0)
    - Limousine body; a stretched sedan body including a new center part, exhausts (new V0.2.0)

    - tow hitches for the coupe, sedan, station/ute and limo (Based on the Gavril D15 tow hitch)
    - Gabester's Small trailer is included for the sedan and station/ute (adjusted v0.2.0 for the scalebeam values)

    New Wheels (new v0.3.0):

    - Minilite lookalikes, wide version with racing slicks
    - Minilite lookalikes, regular version 'sportplus' tires (like the Slotted Mags)
    - Vector lookalikes with sport tires
    - Vector lookalikes with Off-Road tires
    - Rocket Fuel lookalikes with 'sportplus' tires (like the Slotted Mags)
    - Magnum 500 lookalikes with sport tires

    New body parts includes a old looking version and a facelifted version: (new V0.2.0)

    - Seperated the headlights and grilles from the front fascias

    - 'Old style' front fascia with round headlights
    - Facelifted front fascia

    - 'Old style' (bumpergap-fill) front bumper, with and without chrome

    - 'Old style' front grill including blinkers
    - Race style grill
    - Facelifted grill

    - Round headlights
    - Headlight race covers
    - Facelifted headlights

    - Old style rear bumper
    - Rear Bumpergap-fill (Old style tailcone for coupe/ttop/sedan/limo, old style bumper for station/ute)
    - Facelifted tailcone

    Sedan and Coupe parts:
    - Vinyl roof (new v0.3.0)

    Wagon parts:

    - roofrack and air deflector
    - surfboard :p
    - Wooden sides

    Ute loads:

    - surfboard
    - Car parts; an engine and two rims

    Police parts:

    - Big block engine: 423CUI police package; heavier, more torque
    - New (open) diff, (slightly) higher gear ratio
    - wider steel rims (modded original steel rims)
    - chrome hubcaps
    - lightbar (rotates thanks to Chris_Lucas, and the functional rotating spotlights thanks to Nadeox1) Coupe/ute version has a smaller frame (adjusted V0.2.0)
    - Old style lightbar (rotates thanks to Chris_Lucas, and the functional rotating spotlights thanks to Nadeox1) Coupe/ute version has a smaller frame (new V0.2.0)
    - teardrop light (rotates thanks to Chris_Lucas, and the functional rotating spotlights thanks to Nadeox1) (adjusted V0.2.0)
    - front and rear pushbars
    - alley lights (adjusted V0.2.0; folds when not in use and rotates while steering)
    - Red right a-pillar spotlight
    - police antenna
    - taxi light
    - supplemental interior rear lights
    - Police, Sheriff, Fire Department and taxi Decals in multiple colors (new v0.3.0)
    - New Taxi signs, small and large, with funcional blinkers, taxi, off-duty and advert signs (new v0.3.0)

    Sport parts:
    - side pipe exhausts
    - side louvres (mesh only)
    - Small trunk spoilerlip (mesh only)
    - Cowl hood
    - Classic looking frontlips; for the old style front bumper and for the regular one
    - Supercharged 423CUI engine with blower (new v0.3.0)
    - Drag rear suspension and tires (new v0.3.0)

    Racing parts:

    - racing engine; 339CUI, lighter, high revving but less torque (adjusted V0.2.0)
    - Close ratio 4-speed manual (new V0.2.0)
    - larger more powerful front disc brakes (use it at own risk, the Moonhawks front suspension can barely handle it) (adjusted, fixed? V0.2.0)
    - Stiffer and lower front and rear suspension, stiffer anti-swaybar
    - rear disc brakes
    - racing side pipe exhausts
    - limited slip diff, higher gear ratio (adjusted V0.2.0)
    - frontlip
    - Large trunk spoiler
    - racing style front fascia
    - racing style tailcone
    - engine 'cage' for racing purposes -> DO NOT USE THIS in combination with the right inner fender or the derby kickers!
    - rollcages; for the coupe, T-top, sedan, station, ute and limousine
    - modded doors; lighter and shut welded, for the coupe and sedan/station
    - racing wheels; based on the 'slotted mag', wider, stickier, different tire texture
    - Racing decals (new v0.3.0)
    - Racing fuel cell (new v0.3.0)

    Derby parts:

    - higher front suspension
    - derby headers for the v8 and i6
    - 'welded' cut-open derby hood
    - 'welded' trunks
    - kickers
    - Welded diff option (new V0.2.0)
    - Added 'sliding' driveshafts
    - Added more welded diffs (new v0.3.0)
    - Derby Decals (new v0.3.0)
    - Stronger derby bumpers (new v0.3.0)
    - Roofsign (new v0.3.0)

    Off-Road parts: (new V0.2.0)

    - Off-road suspension (new V0.2.0, improved v0.2.4)
    - Off-road tires (uses the 'sport' rims with scaled and modified D15 Off-road tires) (new V0.2.0)
    - Two kinds of rear spare tires; The dual one is WIP! (conflicts with original trunk coltri's) (new V0.2.0)
    - Off-road front bumper (new V0.2.0)


    ; Gabester (B25Mitch?) for the original Moonhawk Coupe; most new parts are in some extend a modded version of a original part (mesh and n/b wise). All textures are 'slapped on' the original ones.The tires on the custom wheels are original BeamNG or modified (slicks, drag and off-road tires)
    Chris_Lucas for adding rotation to the lightbar meshes.
    Nadeox1 for adding functional rotating spotlights to the lightbars

    Aboroath, HadaCoolName, Jujune, Mad Jasper, Mopower77, monster, MrAngry, narwhal2, rhe220, RiseAndyGainst, SixSixSevenSeven for contributing their sedan and wagon design ideas and helping me out. (Who did I forget?)

    Myself; AR162b, for all added parts.

    Dummiesman for his showroom used for some of the screenshots included in this thread (not in the mod itself)
    Dpitkin for his rally map used for a screenshots included in this thread (not in the mod itself)


    Known issues/bugs

    - Many textures are 'slapped on' the existing coupe texture maps, adding non-smooth/multi-colored skin/texture will have unwanted results
    - Slef made textures of some new parts (wheels, vinyl roofs, blower, fuel cell) are very simple while I'm learning to texture and could be improved.
    - Wheel meshes are not made more efficient with UV maps
    - Not all meshes have a good polyflow; especially the older ones or the new ones based on the older ones...
    - Derby headers jbeam not perfect; headers can get stuck
    - The lightweight front fascia & tailcone aren't lighter; decreasing the nodeweight will result in unstable behavior.
    - Police lightbars won't turn off when crashed
    - The rotating spotlights and the physics are not synced
    - Prop shaft sometimes explodes at high speeds (thanks thatguy1234)
    - 'Low coolant' dash light is lit with the headlights.
    - Rollcage can deform weird (thanks JorgePinto) (improved but not fixed 0.2.2)
    - Ute rear wheels can clip through the bed
    - Decals (including the vinyl roofs and wooden sides) can clip through the car during a crash
    - The manual transmissions can't cope with the supercharged 423CUI engine, I didn't adjust it on purpose, this engine should have its drawbacks.
    - The headlights are sometimes hard to break


    - Floating new headlights FIXED v0.3.0

    - Texture bug 1: when installed and loaded the regular Moonhawk doesn't have interior texture anymore FIXED V0.2.3 (dual interior materials)
    - Texture bug 2: when crashed hard with the old grill selected the textures can go wrong. FIXED? V0.2.2 (no closed deformgroup)
    - Racing ute rear end deforms when using the handbrake when driving (thanks Aboroath) FIXED V0.2.2 (trunk latch not properly attached)
    - Rear right door chrome on wooden wagon deforms weird (thanks JorgePinto) FIXED V0.2.2 (wrong nodegroup)
    - The ramp and bed of the trialer sits a bit too high (thanks mike9606) FIXED V0.2.2 (lowered trailer suspension)

    - White color and wooden texture (surfboard) bug FIXED v0.2.0
    - Rear lower end of the station can behave a bit strange after a crash FIXED v0.2.0
    - Rear bench of the sedan & station can behave a bit strange after a crash FIXED v0.2.0 (added n/b)
    - The small trailer; a beam breaks when the game starts FIXED v0.2.0
    - The front suspension can barely cope with braking forces; it can/will deform under heavy breaking especially with the racing brakes/slicks combo. FIXED v0.2.0

    - Station's rear spotlights are not aligned with the lights itself (Thanks 'Again_Dejavu' and 'HadACoolName') FIXED v0.1.1
    - Footwell texture/mesh see-through bug and stations rear interior mesh bug (Thanks 'Again_Dejavu') FIXED v0.1.1
    - Slotted mags/slicks combo mesh is missing with the sedan and station (Thanks RiseAndyGainst) FIXED v0.1.1
    - Floating police antenna (Thanks Again, Again_Dejavu) FIXED v0.1.1


    Future ideas:

    - police wig-wag front lights/a-pillar lights (including functional spotlights?)
    - Learn to make UV/texture maps :p
    - Race spec interior (dash, chair, belts, metal colored interior)
    - Police/Taxi interior (passenger 'cage', radio)
    - Blue and amber colored lighbar glass
    - Improve lightbar functionality
    - Camper/shell for ute

    - Ute (included v0.2.0)
    - T-top (included v0.2.0)
    - functional spotlights in the lightbar (rotating n/b..?) (sort of works, included v0.2.0)



    v 0.1.0 15th september 2014
    First release! Updated to the new BeamNG experimental version ( Moonhawk specs

    v 0.1.1 23th september 2014
    fixed some small bugs:
    - floating antenna: moonhawk_policeparts.jbeam
    - slotted mags/slicks combo: moonhawk_sedan_wheels_R
    - station's rear spotlights: moonhawk_station_taillights
    - mesh issues footwell & stations trunk: moonhawk_sedan.dae

    v 0.2.0 6th of April 2015
    - Changed to pressurewheels
    - Changed to multi-Dae
    - Added json files (including four new colors) and preset preview images
    - Added limo, ute, T-Top bodys
    - Added old and facelifted and tailcone including lights and grills
    - Added some other small parts; off-road parts, classic spoilerlip, older lightbar
    - Adjusted body jbeams; hugely improved coltri's and some other n/b parts
    - Adjusted race engine and added short ratio 4-speed

    v 0.2.1 6th of April 2015
    - Fixed materials file

    v 0.2.2 7th of April 2015
    - Changed glowmap
    - Fixed several bugs (see list)
    - added ute rollcage
    - fixed some small texture bugs
    - weakened the rollcages a bit
    - fixed some presets

    v 0.2.3 8th of April 2015
    - New materials file
    - Alley light flares reduced

    v 0.3.0 31st of May 2015
    - New Wheels
    - Removed all wheels from the moonhawk DAE, all custom wheels and tires in the wheels dae
    - Added lots of decals
    - Improved some meshes
    - Added a few new presets; coupe sport and drag, sedan deluxe)
    - Adjusted a few presets
    - Added new diffs
    - Added a blower, drag stuff
    - Added derby sliding driveshafts
    - Added stronger derby bumpers
    - Added derby roofsign
    - Added vinyl roofs
    - Added a racing fuel cell
    - Added new taxi signs, small and large with advert
    - Fixed the moving 'facelifted' headlights
    - Aligned the wooden sides
    - Aligned the rearview mirrors
    - Updated jbeams to BeamNG v0.4.1 (wheels, suspension, glass, some other jbeams)



    Like my mods? I'm saving up for a new laptop so I will be able to continue to create mods, want to help? Consider a donation!

    (imported from here)

    Use the files at own risk

    Have fun! :)

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  2. Autofan

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    Jun 26, 2013
    Re: Bruckell Moonhawk Sedan & Station wagon

    This is epic! Good luck. :D
  3. Narwhal

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    Aug 4, 2013
    Re: Bruckell Moonhawk Sedan & Station wagon

    this looks amazing! keep up the awesome work!
  4. 14ramosr

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    Sep 7, 2013
    Re: Bruckell Moonhawk Sedan & Station wagon

    Epicness. do want :p
  5. BlueScreen

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    Apr 5, 2014
    Re: Bruckell Moonhawk Sedan & Station wagon

    Is it me or do you have a bit of a mess on the rear pillars on the sedan?
    Other than that, absolutely awesome mod. Make a ute next pls :D
  6. Erik.s

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    Sep 19, 2013
    Re: Bruckell Moonhawk Sedan & Station wagon

    Its like you read everything he said and repeated it in a question, lol.
  7. Blockman

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    Sep 1, 2013
    Re: Bruckell Moonhawk Sedan & Station wagon

    These look great!

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. vmlinuz

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    Mar 2, 2014
    Re: Bruckell Moonhawk Sedan & Station wagon

    Try going to the UV/Shading tools in Blender and recalculating the normals. This might fix the wonky rear pillars :cool:
  9. HadACoolName

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    Aug 3, 2013
    Re: Bruckell Moonhawk Sedan & Station wagon

    Im appreciative of 3 things here.

    1. The epic sedan

    2. The fuckin awesome wagon

    3. The fact that everyone is saying ute and not "pick-up"
  10. ktheminecraftfan

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    Mar 14, 2014
    Re: Bruckell Moonhawk Sedan & Station wagon

    finally a moonhawk sedan I have so many ideas:rolleyes:
  11. vmlinuz

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    Mar 2, 2014
    Re: Bruckell Moonhawk Sedan & Station wagon

  12. Stormdrain

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    Jun 18, 2013
    Re: Bruckell Moonhawk Sedan & Station wagon

    Finally a moonhawk shaggin wagon
  13. BlueScreen

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    Apr 5, 2014
    Re: Bruckell Moonhawk Sedan & Station wagon

    Oh, was on my phone so I didn't read most of the post :p
  14. Aboroath

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    Aug 25, 2013
    Re: Bruckell Moonhawk Sedan & Station wagon

    Dude you couldn't have picked two better options for the Moonhawk on the planet. I hope to god you follow through with this.
  15. Jujune

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    Aug 5, 2013
    Re: Bruckell Moonhawk Sedan & Station wagon

    I think the rear doors have to be a bit longer other than that, I cant wait for the wagon *-*
  16. jam_1989

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    Jan 6, 2013
    Re: Bruckell Moonhawk Sedan & Station wagon

    The station wagon reminds me of the old Burn side from RoR
  17. shockwaffleman

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    Aug 15, 2013
    Re: Bruckell Moonhawk Sedan & Station wagon

    I really want that wagon, that looks so cool :)
  18. AR162B

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    Aug 11, 2013
    Re: Bruckell Moonhawk Sedan & Station wagon

    Great to see so many positive comments :)

    Other people have said that as well in other threads I've posted some screenshots. Maybe I'll straighten the top half of the b-pillar a bit, so the front of the rear doors move a bit forward, about 2 cm. Although I quite like the angle of the pillar how it is now, maybe it's not realistic as well; the rear window might not fit in the door when lowered.
  19. IBsenoj

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    Sep 28, 2013
    Re: Bruckell Moonhawk Sedan & Station wagon

    I find wagons attractive that might sound wrong...

    AutoFan! It's your 457th post and my 457th!
    :rolleyes: buddys
  20. Blockman

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    Sep 1, 2013
    Re: Bruckell Moonhawk Sedan & Station wagon

    ImageUploadedByTapatalk1402000065.933691.jpg For the rear of the moonhawk wagon, can we have something like the Chevy Nomad?

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