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DC3/C-43/C-47 and Cessna 208/b could someone take the idea on?

Discussion in 'Ideas and Suggestions' started by cambell sweeney, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. cambell sweeney

    cambell sweeney
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    Aug 28, 2017
    I've been thinking there's a lot of shorter runways in the maps for people you have graphics like mine on the low side and fps lagging. And the DC3 is a iconic airplane from the 1930s that can handle a few bumps and bullet hole's. Armys over the world got a update C-43 slightly longer and wider and later the C-47 all of witch helped many nations come together to win WW2. They came in cargo and passenger form and still fly in 3rd world country's as well as Alaska they are a real handful to get stable on landings and tricky to master in rough weather. Also prone to losing its wing in thunder storms over the top mostly cause of its stubby wings. And the Cessna Grand Caravan 208-B has also had a long Army usage as well as, Passenger operations 12 seat's as well as 8 seat's on in mostly Tropical area's. The Ability to land on short gravel runways and narrow jungle strips as well as dried river beds . Wheels did come with a ski's option for operation in Alaska and other places this planes life started late 1960's and came with floats for all versions. Passenger, Cargo including Army training and medical field opp's. Also know for having a great centre of gravity making water landings a breeze at about 75 to 85 kph full flaps on normal day, flare at about 20 feet, 4/5 trim up and a lot of rudder, same for runways of any find but landing speed between 70 to 85 kph flaps'2/flaps full normal day, flare at about 25 feet, 6/7 trim up and you guessed it also a lot of rudder both types of planes have hyd-brakes in later model's. I wish was any good at making mods cause i would bring this idea to life myself. B25-Mitch if you send a inbox i would like a chat it would be great if you could teach me a bit about the physics of mods as you crash physics was out of the world or it could take the idea on

    And here's one i didn't know about a DC3 on floats above and on the bottom the interior view of a passenger configuration.

    And now a few pics i sourced from google for the Cessna 208/B.
    I do not take credit for making any of these photos i just found them on google.co.uk/images/
    I hope can make something with all of these photos and little history on flight characteristics there are some old war training videos on flying the plane in cockpit view in B&W enjoy.
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