Released European License Plates Compilation + Cherrier RHD 1.0

A selection of HQ license plates all over Europe.

  1. JorgePinto

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    Aug 4, 2013
    Thank you, nice to hear something good lately, out of 4 reviews, the last 2 are really unfair and not considerate of how hard I worked on the latest update*, it really discourages people, I get why some modders quit, people just love to complain without asking first at least, like they paid for it or something...of course the other 2 reviews and your comment are the feedback I stick with, but still, it's devastating to receive such comments after weeks of work, the fonts used in the plates most of the time had to be created from zero since they simply don't exist yet, and the research and creation process is quite substancial, it looks that is taken for granted most of the time, for Sweden I had to create 3 platefonts because there were differences enough between them, so I never cut corners.

    I'm not saying I will quit of course, but at the same time, as I said in the last message, I'm feeling a bit burned out lately with modding, so I can't say when the next update will be, sorry for everyone interested, but there's little to no motivation for me to keep going for now at least.

    *One of them is the usual 'something is broken' when it's not really broken, I ask for checking, and that never happens, so the score and the review keeps reflecting flaws that are simply not there, and the other review...well, I better not talk about that one.
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  2. Aari

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    Sep 26, 2020
    nice work, this is an awesome mod
    keep it up!
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