Guide: How to fix a car with "undriveable bottom scraping/colliding"

Discussion in 'Automation' started by G-Farce, Aug 15, 2021.

  1. G-Farce

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    Apr 1, 2016
    Ok so this has bugged me for a while. Some Automation mod bodies are the devil's work, so when exported, the invisible jbeam will scrape on the ground, as it is actually lower than the mesh you see, very weird. You can try what I tried: to edit the jbeam and move it up, that's cumbersome but works, but sometimes it results in the whole car shifting up and the suspension being hurt as some important beams are made location-dependent on the bottom ones. Still, you can do that by finding the "carname".jbeam and then changing the a9 or a21 or whatever node under the flexbody section that's scraping (sometimes its over 20 nodes you have to manually discover, find in notepad++ and then move up by playing with values), then trying to fix the broken suspension by opening the suspension.jbeam and moving it back to compensate. HOWEVER. the easiest and best way to correct it is to not do this headache-inducing, mind-numbing, time-consuming method at all.

    Instead forget all that and do this:

    • Go back to automation, Re-export car with Much higher suspension talking like adding extra 10 inches+ of travel, do not worry how ridiculous it looks just yet
    • Now open the .dae from the exported zip in blender and only select the main body of the car that you want to stance back down.
    • Simply press g then z and move your mouse to drop it lower, click to place
    • Now hit spacebar, type origin, select "set origin", set the origin of it to the 3d cursor
    • export it as your "carname".dae, use explorer to overwrite in the .zip. Now the body will look lower in BeamNG but the car will not scrape as you raised the troublesome jbeam parts in automation and only lowered the visible mesh in blender(which is not connected to the jbeam collision model on export). You can also make very nice stanced cars that don't scrape or align the body however you want to or scale it bigger/smaller but just remember to set the origin to the 3d cursor when you're happy with it.
    • Alternatively you can also give your car a mad rake by rotating the body along the x axis before exporting from blender. This is useful since automation does not allow you to rake your cars or have the rear standing higher than front or vice versa. And doing it this way should mean the car handles just as good, perhaps unrealistically so. With this method you can make drag cars look the part with typical raked "drag stance". Do not forget to set origin to 3D cursor!

    Afterthought: ctrl+t in game to check the ground clearance. Nothing should be hanging lower than the visible mesh
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  2. itzdaechoindawadaa

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    Apr 9, 2021
    Thank you! My Bentley Brooklands can now be saved!
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