HyperX Motor Company - HyperX SuperFast Prototype Showcase

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Are you exited about the SuperFast by HyperX Motor Company?

  1. Yes, this car sounds so much fun to drive in BeamNG!

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  2. The car looks awesome!

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  3. Looks like it could have better Performance specs...

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    Jan 13, 2019
    HyperX Motors™

    Welcome to the First Prototype Showcase of the HyperX SuperFast.

    HyperX SuperFast is designed for Superior Track Performance. The HyperX SuperFast is currently a Prototype. There are some handling and performance imperfections that will be adjusted and reworked. HyperX Motor Company will Officially bring this car to the Market on BeamNG/Mods/Automation section of this website (will be available for download) by February 15, 2019.

    (Current specs) Some Specs could get reworked or heavily modified before release*
    Chassis Specs:
    Mid Engine

    Body Specs:
    Body shaped for maximum down force

    Engine Specs:
    Twin Turbocharged V12 AWD
    Magnesium Engine Block and Aluminum-Silicone Alloy Head

    Performance Specs:
    0-60 MPH: 2.2s
    Top Speed: 265 MPH
    1/4 Mile: 8.9s

    HyperX Motor Company will not give much information about the SuperFast as of yet due to the SuperFast still being in the Prototype stage. All the specs are subject to change for better overall Performance.

    The SuperFast will be available for download at BeamNG/Mods/Automation section of this website by February 15, 2019.

    HyperX Motor Company™ HighresScreenshot00025.png HighresScreenshot00025.png HighresScreenshot00025.png HighresScreenshot00025.png
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