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Miramar not loading

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting: Bugs, Questions and Support' started by Joobles, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Joobles

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    Sep 30, 2017
    Whenever I try to spawn a miramar of any kind the game says it failed to load it, any ideas why?
  2. steven99brains

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    Jul 25, 2017
    Yeah, it's probably an outdated/intrusive mod. Some mods can break the game when they get too old and the game updates past it. Or, some mods are broken to begin with because it was built poorly or purposely built to break things. You can find many mods like these on other websites such as world of mods. Here's how I fix it if a problem like this occurs:

    1. Click on Beamng drive. When the launcher comes up, click Safe mode and start playing the game that way.(This mode temporarily disables mods) If these cars work normally, then yes, it is a mod. Look at the next steps. If they are still broken, it's something bigger than a mod.

    2. Find the mod that causes it. If you have a ton of mods, like me, this can be hard. If you recently downloaded the mod, look at your recent downloads on your internet browser, maybe you'll get some luck finding the mod there? If you find it, you can just go to the Beamng Mods folder in your File Explorer, search for it, then delete, and all should be good!

    3. If you can't find the mod in your recent downloads, then you can try doing something I do. Basically, create empty folders on your desktop and open your mods folder (Not fullscreen) and have the empty folders available. Now, split your mods into groups ((I usually do about 5, depends on how many mods you have) Keep them in your mods folder, don't do anything yet, just know where each group starts and ends, it might help you have a pen and paper) Then, select the mods from one group and drag them into a temporary folder. They are no longer going to effect anything in Beamng.Drive. Now, launch the game like you would normally. If it runs normally and nothing is broken, then it means that the bad mod is somewhere in that group that you just removed. If not, then close the game and select another group and try again. You may have to open the game and close it alot. Once you find your group that has the broken mod in it, open the temporary folder you put it in and look through it. See if any mods are unfamiliar. Ex: a mod named "Fdg.zip" is more likely to be your culprit rather than a mod named "IbishuKashira.zip" or something that you know is from this website and has been updated. Then, drag all the mods from that group back into the Beamng folder except for a mod that seems suspicious. Launch Beamng and if it works, then good! You found it! Now delete and and never download it again. If not, then it's another mod, and the mod you suspected to be suspicious is safe.
    *Note: #3 is a painstaking process that takes awhile and uses patience, but it's fullproof and it works*
    If you have any questions about the process feel free to reply

    **Also, make sure that you download mods from this website. Other websites tend to originate from Russia for whatever reason and they are not trustworthy.
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