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Phantom models

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting: Bugs, Questions and Support' started by Kueso, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. Kueso

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    Oct 14, 2016
    hey all,
    i have been experiencing a strange bug as of recently.
    everytime i edit/ replace an old model with a new one, the old model persists
    even past clearing the cache, the old model still exists

    i made a supercharged Bolide w/ model.
    materials broke in the latest update so i completely deleted all the old files (except jbeam) and made a new model with the new materials system and updated the jbeam

    but alas, even if the clear the cache, the old model still appears ingame!
    i have no idea why this is happening!
    i had someone tell me to verify the files in steam- but thats not working
    do i do a complete re-install?
    redid the models
    turned out it was a confliction with another model i had that used parts from another model i made (confusing i know)
    a new problem has arisen
    i have a Bolide F4 and a custom V8- both can be supercharged
    both use the legran supercharger model- but both are in separate model files and are modified to fit their respective engines
    and because all of the V8 and F4 files are stored in separate files, and have separate materials.cs, they shouldnt conflict
    but they do
    i need help.
    i have attached the F4 files and the V8 files, both complete with the superchargers
    please anyone help me out.

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