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Poby Turbo QC ( 1970's Muscle Car)

Discussion in 'Automation' started by TheMaster22, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. TheMaster22

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    Sep 2, 2017

    **Welcome ! ;)**

    So You're probably wondering "what is the difference between this car and the other muscle cars?"

    Well, this car is made by love, (and mostly metal and other materials)

    4.8L V8 Turbo Quadcam Direct injection making about 500HP-ish
    "but that's not a lot of power for a muscle car"
    BUT, This car is equipped with 345 WHEELS, Yes, YOU CAN USE IT TO DRAG RACE !

    *Old frame & design

    *Smooth Power-train


    *Light-ish Body & frame

    Leaving you with the photo's !

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