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Discussion in 'Vehicles' started by Nadeox1, Apr 14, 2019.

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    Aug 5, 2012
    Thread posting
    Please place things in the appropriate categories, and use the correct tags.

    Make sure you have all proper permission and credits, especially if you are using content you have not made yourself. The lack of correct credits could lead to the thread to be removed.

    Stealing / claiming as own other people's work will not be tolerated.

    To make a thread, you must have consistent progresses to show, better if in-game screenshot to show.

    You should not create a thread if:
    • you have no progresses to show ("I'm going to make X" kind of threads for example)
    • you do not have much progresses to show (half a fender, two poligons)
    • you have downloaded a model from the internet and opened it in your 3D software
    • you have downloaded a model from the internet, and placed it on a vehicle jbeam without doing any/very little sort of work/changes, especially on the jbeam
    Please don't use this section to request mods. If you need help with a specific mod, use its dedicated thread.

    Reply posting
    When replying to a thread, try to:
    • Avoid going off-topic. If you want to chat with somebody, use private messages instead (off-topic posts could get removed without notice)
    • Don't beg for downloads and/or mods. Avoid asking for release dates ('when done' is what you'll get)
    • Generally, be nice to others (nobody likes not-nice-people :)).
    • If your game is outdated, don't report issue a mod in it's thread. Chances are that the mod was made for the most recent version of the game (unless it has an outdated tag)
    When reporting an issue with a mod, make sure to describe in details the problem. If you use other mods, consider the possibility the issue is caused by another conflicting mod.


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