Unsolved RangeBox/Transfer Case without control?

Discussion in 'Mod Support' started by Kirakat, Dec 6, 2017.

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    Jul 24, 2013
    • Been working on a Prasu mod, I've gotten up to the point of needing a Over drive range box for the 3Speed Rossler transmission, Problem is, It's all working, I can use the UI to change from Low to High range ect, But The key control for the Range selector is not working, Uploading a video to Youtube right now of it working but having to use UI.
    • Secondary question, Adding the new nitrous oxide system to an engine, As far as I can tell, It's just adding the slots But for again, The Prasu, I can't get it to appear in game on any engine, Stock Prasu or Made by me.
    "prasu_transfer_case_overdrive": {
    "name":"OD RWD Transfer Case",
    "slotType" : "prasu_transfer_case",
    "powertrain" : [
    ["type", "name", "inputName", "inputIndex"]
    ["rangeBox", "transfercase", "gearbox", 1, {"gearRatios":[1,0.75], "uiName":"Rangebox"}]
    "nodes": [
    ["id", "posX", "posY", "posZ"],
    //--tcase weight--
    ["tcase", 0.13000, -0.32077, 0.24591],
    "beams": [
    ["id1:", "id2:"],
    {"beamType":"|NORMAL", "beamLongBound":1.0, "beamShortBound":1.0},
    {"beamPrecompression":1, "beamType":"|NORMAL", "beamLongBound":1.0, "beamShortBound":1.0},

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