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Setting AI with selectable waypoints

Discussion in 'Ideas and Suggestions' started by Yama, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. Yama

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    Sep 10, 2015
    AI is better and better with every update and the Script AI is a very nice thing to have, but setting AI to race them or setting a designated route is still very hard, so I came up with an idea

    We could have an option, to select waypoints for AI to drive

    Selected waypoints would have numbers next to them showing what waypoint is first and what waypoint is last, this would be for each individual vehicle.

    So one vehicle can drive where the blue line is (starting from 1 waypoint to 27 waypoint (of course going through other waypoints on its way) and repeat) until they're out of fuel, or they crash or something else happens because the looping is enabled (by looping I mean they don't reset and go again like in Script AI, but they continuously drive on the designated waypoints/route)

    The second vehicle would drive where the red line is (it could start from 27 waypoint and end the route at 1 waypoint (again of course going through other waypoints on its way) without going any further because looping is not enabled

    Maybe even a reverse option, where the AI start from 1 waypoint, go through other waypoints to 12 waypoint and then it drives in reverse from 12 waypoint to 1 waypoint again of course going through the other waypoints, would be great for some crazy derby races

    Of course, it wouldn't be only for derby races, it could find its place for race tracks, police patrols, escorts, police chases etc. etc.

    That way AI might go where the blue line is and not go on the other roads.

    It could even come with option to increase/decrease AI Risk and Awareness.

    Don't know what you think about it, I see it that way but you could have some better ideas, suggestions or criticism, every reply is welcome and feel free to discuss this topic if you're interested.

    As always respect the forum rules and be nice and polite to everyone.
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