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    Jun 28, 2016
    So as I was travelling from Firwood to Belasco, I decided to take the back roads as I got close to the city. So around noon I was feeling a little peckish and pulled into a trilobite (thankfully my tograc was electric and still had 75% charge left so I didn't need to worry about gas) got a sandwich and a sweet tea. I decided to stretch my legs and walked around the corner to see a plethora of burnsides. I asked a local who stated that the guy who owns the lot is a grouchy no-nonsense fella and will probably take these cars to the grave with him, of course the person also admitted that no one has tried buying them let alone asking questions about the burnside collection. I went back to the car and grabbed my camera and drone to snap these mainly because I didn't dare step inside, so I spotted a couple specials one that's a business coupe the other being an old ad for the diner in town and has seen better days. There were a couple woody's one of them a super(quite rare and sought after((the green one)), a ute and even a suit, I could have sworn all the suits had been either been crushed, sold for scrap, or melted down and turned into the Belasco bridge. He also had a Aerocoupe those are super rare, kind of sad its in that sorry state but could be restored to its former glory.

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