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It's possible to add a minivan from the 90s please?

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  1. MrAnnoyingDude

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    May 4, 2016
    Civetta Ultimato (2013-2016)

    It is a...

    ...2010s Italian hypercar. Mostly based on the Ferrari LaFerrari, but with some Lamborghini Veneno styling fetures, and mechanicals closer to the Porsche 918 (including the top-exit exhausts). Carbon fiber monocoque, rear-mid longitudinal engine, all-wheel multilink suspension, AWD.


    • 920GTR - Equipped with a 920 HP hybrid system (680 HP 3.9 twin-turbo V8+130 HP electric engine+110 HP electric engine), 7-spd DCT, standard suspension, standard brakes with sport pads and 19x10/19x12 alloys with 275/30 R19/315/30 R19 sport tires.
    • 920GTR Spyder - As above, but with a convertible roof panel.
    • 950GTR (Spyder) - Like the 920, but with a more powerful gasoline engine, uprated suspension and brakes, slightly wider tires and racing stripes.
    • 1010X - Like the 950GTR, but with 20 HP more from the V8 and each electric engine, a 7-spd racing sequential gearbox, race suspension, race brakes with race pads, 19x11/19x13 lightweight alloys with 305/30 R19/335/25 R19 racing slicks, an aero kit, a stripped interior and a racing paintjob.
    • Notte - Based on the 950GTR Spyder, but with a more powerful V8 (+160 HP), wide-track race suspension, race brakes with sport pads, 19x10/19x13 alloys with 295/30 R19/225/25 R19 tires, a carbon fiber widebody kit and a matte black paintjob.
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  2. killercar34

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    Sep 17, 2016
    1967 - 1984 Перун/Perun 1569 ( Based off the 1978 VAZ-2103/Lada 1500 and the 1976 Moskvich 2140 )

    "The Third Generation 1569 was one of several generations of this Russian Sedan that just wouldn't die. Simple mechanics and cheap building costs made the 1569 one of the most popular Russian vehicles off all time, even some people in the west import 1569s to their country and drive them around!"


    Slav King: This Black 1569L comes with a modified 1.5L I4 that puts down 78hp at the rear wheels, a 4 speed manual transmission, alloy wheels, a massive subwoofer in the trunk that plays Hardbass at max volume, a glovebox full of Semechki and bottles of vodka, a Russian carpet covering the back seat, a dash cam, and three stripes along the hood, roof, and trunk of the car to represent the three stripes on Dassler Track Suits. Impress your friends and ride in style as you truly live up to the car's name.

    1569D: The Base model, or Доступный/Dostupnyy model, of the 1569 only comes with the bare essentials, a 64hp 1.2L I4, a 4 speed manual transmission, seats, lights, turn signals, carpet, a clock, A/C, a Heater, and a cigarette lighter to offer the officers at the border.

    1569S: The Mid trim 1569, which is know as the слава/slava was the most popular 1569 in the Motherland. It came with a 1.3L 70hp I4, a 4 speed manual transmission, optional wood trim, leather seats, a radio, chrome hupcaps, and mud flaps.

    1569L: The 1569L, or люкс/lyuks, comes with every option available on the S model, a 1.5L 73hp I4, a 4 speed manual transmission, and a few new options, like a compass mounted on the dash, an extra rear view mirror on the passenger door, whitewall tires, rear curtains, and fog lights. However, the only way to get a 1569L is to either be a NKVD operative, a Government Offical, or a true Gopnik with VERY serious connections.

    Rally: This heavily modified 1569 comes with a 81hp 1.4L I4 engine, a 4 speed manual transmission, rally tires, suspension, brakes, and radiator, a stripped interior, a roll cage, a Nomi racing wheel, a shift light, and rally decals. It may not have been the fastest rally car of all time, but it sure did give cars of similar performance classes a run for their money.

    Custom: This modified 1569S has been given a stripped interior, thick sport compound tires, sport suspension, race brakes, a nomi racing wheel, bucket seats, a 186hp Turbocharger 2.0L I4 and a 6 speed manual transmission ripped straight out of a ETK Kc4t, alloy wheels, anti-roll bars, a LSD, a aftermarket tachometer, and a straight pipe exhaust. The 1569 Custom is the closest thing you can get to a Street Legal Russian Race Car.

    Exterior and Interior: (Based off the 1569S Model)

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  3. FLyInG 2 YoUr SoUL

    FLyInG 2 YoUr SoUL
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    May 31, 2016
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  4. Cilria

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    Jul 24, 2019
    nice.jpg Nice2.jpg 78-85.jpg 1976.jpg Nice3.jpg 1976PartII.jpg

    Burnside Eagle (1954-1985)

    ''This is car your grandparents would own,but also a Personal luxury car with Powerful V8 Under The Hood''

    What is it?
    A 1950s to 80s personal luxury car under The Burnside brand.

    In 1954 Henry Garvil Now 81 Years Old Wanted A personal luxury car under the Burnside brand so he could rival Bruckell.
    So The Burnside Eagle was born,Sadly Henry Garvil Passed Away In 1955,His Grandson Frederick Garvil Made Many changes to Garvil,Making it pubilc by 1960.
    However He was hated by board of directors at Garvil due to his young age he was 24 Years old. they warned they would kill The Burnside Brand. if he Dont's Step down
    He refused,He fried The board of directors,Hired new ones However a dispute started over Burnside Eagle,The board of directors Wanted the Eagle killed while Frederick Garvil
    wanted to Make more of it.
    August 10 1962 3:55 PM Detroit,Michigan,United states.
    A Meeting Toke place Lasting over 1 hour.
    The Meeting was disaster Fighting over the Burnside Eagle dispute after dispute The Meeting Grew more Sour.
    The Meeting Ended very shortly.
    By 1983 Burnside was losing money very fast.
    Frederick Garvil Now 57 Years Old.
    Wanted to End Burnside for Good.
    The board of directors agreed.
    So in March 17 1985 The Last Burnside Rolled out it was white burnside Eagle,The Media was allowed,A Massive ceremony toke place,Ending Over 31 Years of Burnside.

    For the 1st few generations it uses RWD And IFS And live axle suspension,Later it uses FWD And IFS And IRS.

    Also For 1st Few generations It Uses 4 speed manual Or 3 speed auto,Later it uses 5 speed manual or 4 speed auto.

    It uses Gavril I6s,V8s


    The Golden Age Of Power and Luxury.
    Beater:A very rusted Eagle that has not much use left it still works tho. (MKI-MKV)
    The Awful:A very stripped out Eagle with all Of unnecessary things removed,A great car for off roading. (MKI-MKV)
    291:The Base model Uses 291 cubic inch V8. (MKI-MKV)
    Poilce Package:Used By Many poilce forces in 1960s (MKI-MKIII)
    Taxi:Used by Many Cites Around The 1960s. (MKI-MKIV)
    Pioneer 291:The 1st use of name Pioneer The same as 291 expect it has More comfort (MKI-MKV)
    Roadsprot 291 The High-performance config of 291 It Has Sportier supension and a 4 Barrel Carburetor (MKI-MKV)
    353:The Middle Model of MKI-MKV Uses 353 cubic inch V8. (MKI-MKIV)
    353 Pioneer The same as 353 Expect More comfort. (MKI-MKIV)'
    Roadsport 353:The High-performance config of 353 Has Sportier supension and a 4 Barrel Carburetor (MKI-MKIII)
    423:The Top Tier model with Big block V8 (MKI-MKV)
    Poilce Intercepter:A Powerful Poilce Forcer thourght The Mid 60s. (MKIV-MKV)
    423 Pioneer:The same as 423 Expect More Comfort. (MKIII-MKV)
    423 Roadsport:The High-performance config of 423 with Race supension and a Twin 4 Barrel Carburetor (MKI-MKV)
    Custom:A Aftermarket Config with Quad Carburetors
    Drag:A Icon of Late 50s,with Stage 4 Supercharger.
    Race:A Race car variant using a Stage 1 Supercharger.
    5th anniversary edition:to Commemorate The 5th anniversary of Eagle a special editon was launched with bronze colour and 5 Year Lettering everywhere. (1959)
    10th anniversary edition: to Commemorate The 10th anniversary of Eagle A Rare special edition was aunched with silver colour and chorme trim and 10 anniversary lettering. (1964)
    The Age of No Sport or Power what so Ever.
    Beater:A very rusted Eagle that has not much use left it still works tho. (MKVI-MKXI)
    I6:The Base Model Using I6 And Dight Dashboard,Touch screen For The Later Gens. (MKVI-MKIX,MKX-MKXI)
    Poilce Package:Used By Many poilce forces in 1980s (MKX-MKXI)
    Taxi:Used by Many Cites Around The 70s-80s. (MKVIII-MKXI)
    Pioneer:Uses A 4.2L V8,Dight Dashborad,CRT Tounch screen For The Final Gen (MKVI-MKXI)
    Custom:A Varinet Using Custom Parts And Stage 1 Tubro (MKX-MKXI)
    15th anniversary:To Commemorate The 15th anniversary of Eagle a Limited Edition was made with Copper Color And Fredrick Garvil Signature and 15th anniversary logos. (1969)
    20th anniversary Bronze Edition:A Very Rare Model was in 1974 to commemorate the 20th anniversary Of The Eagle With Bronze,Blue color,as tribute to Henry Garvil It Has his signature and picture of Henry Swimming as young kid only 2,000 were made (1974)
    Pearl anniversary:To Commemorate 80 Years since Garvil founding A Rare Model was Made Only 500 were ever made,With Pearl Color as tribute to Alan Garvil and 80th anniversary logos. (1977)
    25th anniversary Silver:A Super Rare Model was made to Commemorate 25th anniversary Of Eagle with silver color and trim. (1979)
    30th anniversary Pearl:To Commemorate The 30th anniversary of Eagle a special edition was made with Blue color and 30th anniversary lettering.
    Collector's edition:To commemorate The end of the Eagle a Collector's edition was Launched with Final Lettering. And Letter by Garvil Saying.
    ''Thank you For Choosing The Final Burnside Made After Over 31 Years of Actively we will continue service of the last Burnsides left as always Thank you for choosing burnside.
    We hope That Burnside will never be forget through history and culture''
    -Sincere Garvil Motor Company Of Detroit.

    Design:MKI-MKV Cadillac Eldorado in front, Lincoln Continental in Back And Interior
    Design:MKVI-MKXI Cadillac Eldorado in front,Lincoln Mark in Back And Interior.

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  5. emmabean84

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    Jul 15, 2018
    Vehicle idea: 1981-1994 Gavril Baroon
    I dont know how to add images so uh..
    Yeah its gona be image-less..
    The Gavril Baroon is a pickup based off of the 1995 ford bronco and 1983 ford F-150.
    stock version (1981 and 1994): AWD
    sport (181 and 1994): AWD
    commuter (1994): RWD
    beater (1981): AWD
    hauling (both 1981 and 1994): AWD
    multi- mile (only 1994): RWD
    come up with more my brain is empty for more variants/versions.
    Engine options:
    6.3L hauler 1994(diesel V6)
    3.1L commute 1983 (gasoline, V6)
    4.4L stock 1981 and 1994 (gasoline, V8)
    4.2L stock diesel 1981 and 1990-1994(V6)
    1.4L commute 1981 (I4, gasoline)
    5.9L hauler 1981 (V6, diesel)


    Yes that will be it, I hope its added soon!
  6. Youngtimer

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    Jun 15, 2016

    2004 - 2011 Guidi Cittino - Iveco EuroCargo, Mercedes Atego, Volvo FE, MAN TGM

    2000s small Italian truck. Based on Iveco EuroCargo, with Mercedes Atego headlights, Volvo FE grille and MAN TGM. Models available from 7 to 17 tonnes of load capacity. Has various versions: Normal Cab, Sleeper Cab, Double Cab, Fire Truck (with Normal and Double Cab), Box Truck (Normal and Sleeper Cab), Rollback recovery truck (Sleeper Cab), flatbed(Normal and Double cab), cistern for fuel and water (Normal cab), refrigerated truck, Markt+ (German supermarket chain truck, with normal cab), beater (sleeper cab, with worn engine, faded paint and weak brakes), etc. Available in 4x2 and 4x4 configs. Has 2 engine options: 3979cc I4 diesel 137-180 HP and 5994cc I6 diesel 194-290 HP). It has 6 and 8 speed automatic transmission. It has H-frame chasis. Front and rear suspension are solid axle with leaf springs. Brakes are air, with disc parking ones.
    Example of version designation: 409: 40 stands for engine volume, and 9 from load capacity.
    -Why should it be added?
    -We don't have any small trucks, nor official European and Italian trucks. Also, it would be good for Italy map because it can tackle narrow streets of that map.

    Suggestions for official cars bodystyles:
    Considering that it's based on Beetle and Fiat 600, I think it could have a minivan version (like Fiat 600 Multipla), version without doors and with a soft top (like Fiat 600 Jolly), a coupe (why not?) similar to Karmann Ghia and a convertible (like the Beetle).
    Bruckell Moonhawk:
    Considering it's mostly based on Chevelle, like it, Moonhawk would be neat to see as wagon and sedan. Also, ute and convertible would be neat.
    Bruckell LeGran:
    Considering it's mostly based on cars like Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, Buick LeSabre, etc. most logical would be to make a wagon and 2 door coupe, but a cabrio variant is also welcomed.
    Civetta Bolide:
    Targa and cabrio, like the cars which they represent.
    ETK 800-Series:
    Because it represents a midsize German premium model, I think it could have a sedan variant, LWB sedan variant, coupe, cabrio and fastback.
    ETK K-Series:
    A cabrio, but a fastback mod looks really sweet, so that could a nice addition.
    ETK I-Series:
    Wagon, coupe, cabrio, if we look at bodystyles of E-segment German cars of that time.
    Gavril Barstow:
    Coupe, maybe a sedan.
    Gavril Bluebuck:
    Surely would be plausable if it would be available as wagon and a ute (like early El Caminos and similar stuff).
    Gavril Grand Marshall:
    Because it's similar to Caprice and Crown Victoria, wagon version would be obligatory. Some extra versions like coupe and ute would be neat too.
    Gavril D-Series:
    A box upfit, ambulance version, SUV based on D-Series (like Ford Expedition and Chevrolet Suburban), rollback recovery truck and a tow truck. Also, a service truck would be nice.
    Gavril H-Series:
    Passenger version, version with sliding doors, high roof version and extended wheelbase variant.
    Gavril Roamer:
    Roamer is mostly inspired by Ford Explorer, and logically it would have a pickup model (like Sport Trac) and 3 door version.
    Gavril T-Series:
    Truck bodystyles mostly come down to different upfits, and I think that there is a plenty of room for work. Fire truck would be neat (we got a fire station on ECA, only a truck is needed), then cistern for fuel, tow truck, garbage removal truck and cabover version.
    Burnside Special:
    Being a luxury car, a limousine is obligatory. Also, a wagon, coupe, convertible and maybe ute.
    Hirochi SBR4:
    For both normal and EV versions, a coupe and convertible bodystyle (CR4).
    Hirochi Sunburst:
    A wagon, but also a hatchback would be nice.
    Ibishu Covet:
    Covet is based on 88-91 Honda Civic, with some Suzuki Swift cues. So, a 5-door version, sedan, cabrio and a MPV/SUV variant (like Honda Civic Shuttle). A coupe version like CRX would be neat.
    Ibishu Miramar:
    Like most of similar Japanese cars of that time, wagon, 3 and 5-door van, coupe and a pickup. Also, Corona (Miramar took most of elements from that car) had also a 5 door fastback, so that would be a nice addition.
    88 Ibishu Pessima:
    Wagon, 5 door liftback, coupe and a shooting brake (like Honda Accord Aerodeck).
    96 Ibishu Pessima:
    Wagon and a coupe.
    Ibishu 200BX:
    Like Nissan 240SX, a notchback model, liftback and a cabrio.
    Ibishu Hopper:
    It mostly resembles Jeep Wrangler and Toyota LC, so a 5 door model and a pickup.
    Ibishu Pigeon:
    A passenger variant perhaps?
    Soliad Wendover:
    Wendover is certainly based on Pontiac Bonneville, which only has a sedan version. But, I think it would look awesome as coupe and cabrio.
    Wentward DT40L:
    An official articulated version, maybe a double decker and 3 axle version.
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  7. killercar34

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    Sep 17, 2016
    2003 - 2009 NMC DV64 ( Based off the 2004 Freightliner MT45 and 2003 Chevrolet P30 Delivery Vans )

    "From Mail to Crates, Food to Car Parts, The Nationwide Motor Company (NMC) DV64 is the Delivery Van that is guaranteed to get the job done and deliver anything on time!"


    64S: The 64S is the Short Wheel Base version of the DV64. You'll usually see 64Ss bought by post offices by the dozens to use for delivering packages both big and small. It is powered by a 162hp 4.3L I4 Diesel and is given a 5 speed automatic transmission. It also has plenty of options depending on what you need the truck to do, such as a 4KW Generator, Drawers and Shelving, Flood Lights, a Work Bench, and even cooking appliances such as stoves, ovens, grills, and deep fryers.

    64S Mail Truck: The 64S Mail Truck comes with Drawers and Shelving in the back to store a lot of mail and packages until they reach their destination and is right hand drive. It also comes with the same 162hp 4.3L I4 Diesel and 5 speed automatic transmission used in regular left hand drive 64Ss.

    64L: The 64L is the Long Wheel Base version of the DV64. The 64L is the most Popular version of the DV64 and comes with a 6.4L Diesel I6 that makes 220hp, however, 64Ls made after 2007 had the options of getting a Turbocharged 6.7L I6 that makes 300hp or a 6.0L V8 that makes 308hp, but a lot less torque. The 64L has the same options available as the 64S across all years of the 64L.

    RV: The DV64 RV is a modified 64S that was built to be lived in. The DV64 RV is mechanically identical to the 64S, however, the rear cargo area has had a few new options installed in it, such as a Bed, Sink, Stove, Counters, Cabinets, a 4KW Generator, Drawers, a toilet, and a mini fridge.

    Swat: The 64L Swat truck has been given plenty of modifications to insure that it will be able to drive through riots, shootouts, and even gang war zones. The body is made out of much thicker steel and it has been given bulletproof glass and tires. It's 6.4L Diesel I6 has also been tuned up so it can bring over 190hp to the rear wheels.

    Survivor: The DV64 Survivor is a fortress on wheels that's ready to take on the apocalypse. It is given a modified Twin Turbo 6.7L Diesel I6 that makes over 500hp and a 6 speed automatic transmission. The Survivor has also been given a few other modifications in order to survive the end of the world, such as a heavily reinforced plow welded to the front of the 64L with a massive brush guard mounted behind it, steel reinforcement around the windows, body, and rear wheels, LED flood light pods on all sides of the roof, a massive roof rack protected by barbed wire on top of the truck, and the interior has been given a bed and a work station so that survivors can work on equipment, patch themselves up, and get some rest. The DV64 Survivor will make sure that the survivors inside of it will escape whatever situation they got themselves stuck in.

    Exterior and Interior: (Based off the 64L 6.4L Model w/out any of it's options)

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    • P30.jpg
    • MT452.jpg
    • MT453.jpg
    • MT454.jpg
    • P302.jpg
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  8. umustbeloggedintododat

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    Feb 16, 2019
    Couldn't that be a Gavril branded vheicle?
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  9. killercar34

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    Sep 17, 2016
    Possibly, but I don't think putting a truck based off a Freightliner and a Chevrolet under a brand that is mostly based off of Ford would make sense. I was considering calling it a Bruckell, but I instead decided to come up with a new name for a American manufacturer that would mostly design commercial vehicles.
  10. umustbeloggedintododat

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    Feb 16, 2019
    Maybe Gavril and NMC could be rivals
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  11. Cilria

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    Jul 24, 2019
    x1.jpg q2.jpg gla.jpeg

    ETK A Series (2017-Present)

    ''If you think That a Crossover is boring Think twice''

    What is it?
    a 2010s German luxury subcompact crossover.


    7 Speed Auto,8 Speed DCT.

    2.2L Turbocharged I4 Making 266HP And 250 lb-ft.
    2.6L Twin-Turbocharged V6 Making 341HP And 367 lb-ft.
    3.2L Twin-Turbocharged V6 Making 401HP And 397 lb-ft.
    3.6L Twin-Turbocharged V6 Making 431HP And 417 lb-ft.


    • Ac4t-Equipped with a 266HP Turbo I4,Auto,Open diff,Standard brakes with premium pads,17x7 alloy wheels,206/17 ETK Tries,ABS,ESC,TSC,ETK Advance Safety Pack,leather Seats And leather interior,7 Inch LCD Touch Screen,Muit camera system,camera mirror.
    • Ac6tc The Same as Ac4t Expect for 2.6 Twin Tubro V6,Premuim brakes,18x8 alloy wheels,209/17 ETK Tries,ABS,ESC,Self Driving Tech,14 Inch OLED Screen,Laser Headlights,Daytime running lights,OTA Updates.
    • Ac6txc The Same as Ac6tc Expect for 3.2L Twin-Tubro V6 401HP,Sport Brakes,20x8 Sport Wheels 216/20 ETK Sport Tires,ABS,ESC,Self Driving Tech,14 Inch OLED Screen,Laser Headlights,Daytime running lights,OTA Updates,More Powerful Exhaust Notes.
    • Ac6TTSport The Same as Ac6txc Expect For 3.6L Twin-Tubro V6 431.
    • Police The Same as Ac6tc Expect For German Police Livery.

    Design BMW X1 In Front And Sides,Audi Q2 In Back,Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class Interior
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  12. zzSlideyzz

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    Nov 26, 2015
    A suggestion I have is to have a fastback version of the Burnside. Similar to the Chevy Fleetline. Also for the i6 engine that the Burnside and the Bluebuck have it would be cool to have a straight pipe version that doesn't come out of the hood, just comes out the rear like normal, BUT the i6 has to sound like how the old school 235s sounded like back in the 50s, 60s, ect. when they ran straight pipes. The i6 at its broadest and loudest sounds as of now, too modern in the Burnside. I grew up around lowriders and I love the Bluebuck and I respect the resemblance to the OG Legend Gypsy Rose. But now I want to see and hear a Bomb that sounds like one, the Burnside already has the looks but it just don't sound right. That's just my two cents. <----- That is a link to hear what a real straight piped i6 from the old school days sounds like.
  13. SuperShep1

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    Apr 14, 2019
    sounds like the autobello!
  14. Cilria

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    Jul 24, 2019
    ass.jpg truck.jpg

    Gavril D-Series (2014-present)

    ''Remember The Old D-Series? You Know That Pickup Truck,Not anymore After Years of Growth The D-Series Is Now Large Full sized Pickup Truck The Best Selling Vechile In USA.

    What is it?
    A Modern Pickup That Based On Ford F-Series,Silverideo.

    4WD,RWD,IFS,Live Axle RS.

    6 Speed Auto,10 Speed Auto.

    3.5L Twin-Turbocharged V6 Making 400HP And 455Lb-ft.
    4.6L Twin-Turbocharged V8 Making 501HP And 650lb-ft
    6.2L Twin-Turbocharged Diesel V8 Making 500HP And 1250 lb-ft


    D15-The Smallest of The Line.
    LTZ-Equipped with a 400HP 3.5L Twin Turbo Gas V6,Auto,Open Diff,Standard brakes with Basic Pads,18x8 Inch Alloy Wheels,224/18 Truck Tries,ABS,ESC,TSC,,Garvil Safety Pack,Cloth Seats,interior,7 Inch LCD Touch Screen,Muit camera system,camera mirror.
    STZ-Equipped with a 400HP 3.5L Twin Turbo Gas V6,Auto,Open Diff,Standard brakes with Premium Pads,19x9 Inch Alloy Wheels,226/19 Tries,leather Seats And leather interior,8 Inch LCD Touch Screen,Muit camera system,camera mirror.
    Chief Rancher-Equipped With 501HP 4.2L Twin Tubro Gas V8,10 Speed Auto,Open Diff,Premium Brakes,20x10 Wheels,232/20 Tries,leather Seats And leather interior,10 Inch LCD Touch Screen,OTA,LED Headlights.
    Titanium-Equipped With 501HP 4.2L Twin Turbo Gas V8,10 Speed Auto,V8,10 Speed Auto,Open Diff,Premuim Brakes,20x10 Wheels,232/20 Tries,leather Seats And leather interior,10 Inch LCD Touch Screen,OTA,LED Headlights.
    D25-The Bigger Truck.
    LTZ-The Same As D15 LTZ Expect For 4.2L Twin Tubro Gas V8,10 Speed auto
    STZ The Same As LTZ Expect for Saftey and Comfort.
    Chief Rancher-Equipped With 500HP 6.2L Twin Tubro Diesel V8,10 Speed Auto,Open Diff,Premium Brakes,23x12 Wheels,272/23 Tries,leather Seats And leather interior,10 Inch LCD Touch Screen,OTA,LED Headlights.
    Titanium-The Same as CR Expect For More Comfort
    D35 The Medium Duty.
    LTZ-The Same as D25 Expect Diesel V8
    Sander-Super Duty Version With More Torque and power.
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  15. -WhistlerXPWhistler7

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    Oct 27, 2017
    Oh my god the caps
  16. Alex_Farmer557

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    Dec 28, 2016
    Twin Tubro
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  17. killercar34

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    Sep 17, 2016
    1983 - 1989 ETK SC-Series ( Based of the 1987 BMW M4 and the 1989 Mercedes 560SL (560SL part is just grille, tail lights, bumpers, and trim))

    "The ETK SC-Series is the 4 seater Sports Coupe you buy to show off to the whole world that you've just been promoted to a CEO of a dying company. What better way to live your mid-life crisis then in a luxurious ETK you won't ever go the speed limit in?"


    2700: The 2700 is the base model version of SC-Series. It comes with a 181hp 2.7L I6 and a choice of a 5 speed manual or 3 speed automatic transmission. It only comes with the bare essentials, such as; cloth seats, plastic interior trim, a radio, a cassette player, A/C, and a heater.

    3400: The 3400 comes with a 208hp 3.4L I6 and a choice of a 5 speed manual or 3 speed automatic transmission. It also has a few new options compared to the 2700 model, such as leather seats, having the trim being made of softer plastic, fog lights, ABS, and a sunroof.

    3400T: The 3400T comes with a Turbocharged 3.4L I6 that makes 230hp and only comes with a 5 speed manual transmission. It also comes with every option available on the regular 3400, including a few new ones, such as a limited slip differential, wood trim, heated seats, and a beverage chiller in between the rear seats.

    3400R: The 3400R is the race version of the 3400 that dominated the Hirochi Raceway Championships in the 1980s and even the very early 1990s before being retired in 1992. It comes with a modified 3.4L Turbocharged I6 that makes 365hp to the rear wheels and a 6 speed manual transmission. It also has a stripped interior, bucket seats, a full padded roll cage, a Nomi racing wheel, Nomi racing pedals, Nomi racing harnesses, a geared limited slip differential, race suspension, race brakes, race sway bars, a aerodynamic body kit, and ETK racing decals.

    Rally: This modified ETK SC-3400 was designed to compete in Group B Rally Racing in the early 80s. It was given a heavily modified 3.5L Turbocharged I6 that makes 430HP, a 6 speed manual transmission, rally suspension, brakes, tires, sway bars, a stripped interior, a full padded roll cage, a Nomi racing wheel, Nomi racing pedals, Nomi short throw shifter, and Nomi racing harnesses.

    Drift: This modified 2700 has been given a turbocharged 3.4L I6 that makes over 400hp, a 5 speed manual transmission, a welded rear differential, stripped interior, bucket seats, a full padded roll cage, a Nomi racing wheel, Nomi racing pedals, Nomi racing harnesses, race suspension, race brakes, race sway bars, a aerodynamic body kit, and a lip spoiler.

    Restomod: This restored SC-3400 has a few modern tricks up it's sleeve, such as a 322hp Turbocharged 3.0L I6 and a 6 speed manual transmission out of a ETK Kc6tx, the wheels, suspension, brakes, AWD system, and LSD out of a 2400tix TTSport, Bucket seats, racing harnesses, a Nomi racing wheel, and a 10 Ib bottle of nitrous oxide.

    Exterior and Interior: (Based off the 3400 3 speed automatic model)

    Attached Files:

    • 87653CSI.jpeg
    • 89560SL.jpg
    • 87635CSI.jpg
    • 87635CSI2.jpg
    • 87635csi4.jpg
    • 87635CSI3.jpg
    #9757 killercar34, Aug 25, 2019
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  18. Evan Mink

    Evan Mink
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    Apr 18, 2016
    Bruckell Series-C (compact) Cars 1932-1952. Modeled after the 1933-36 Willys Model 77, and 1937-1942 Willys Americar.

    The C Series of Bruckell cars where a cheaper alternative for one that needed basic transportation at a low cost. Powertrains where shared from each model, the base being a 195 cubic inch 4 cyl engine producing 50 hp (33-38), 67hp (39-42), and 92hp (45-52). The bigger 225 cubic inch inline 6 was a option and produced 75hp (33-42) and 104hp during its final run from 1945-1952. a column shift 3speed manual transmission is standard but you could get a 2speed automatic option. Series-C was offered in many different body styles, all of which shared the same chassis. Body styles included a coupe, sedan, station wagon, panel wagon, and a pickup truck. Coupe models came in 3 different trim levels, the Custom, Deluxe, and Sprinter. Sedans offered 4 trim levels, Custom, Deluxe, Special, and Express. Station wagon models where offered in Custom, Special, Royale, Allegany Park, and Sportster. Pickup truck models where called Handymans, the most basic version wearing a Custom name plate and the highest trim level wearing a Deluxe badge.

    1932-1936 Bruckell Series-C Special. 4cyl 3speed Manual.

    1940-42 Series-C Deluxe Coupe. 4cyl 3speed manual.

    1945-52 Series-C Express Saloon. I-6 2speed Auto.

    1940-42 Series-C Handyman Deluxe. I-6 3speed Manual.
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  19. GLITCH

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    Nov 18, 2016
    I was just recently thinking a bunch about how it'd be great if BeanNG had all these exact body styles. After the Bluebuck came out with so many variants I was really thinking about it.

    I also reckon the Burnside could do with a "the awful" style variant as well as a Stock Car.
    If the D-Series had a Baja Pre-Runner style variant that'd be rad too.
    (I kinda want race variants for everything tbh)
    #9759 GLITCH, Aug 26, 2019
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  20. diago226

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    Dec 8, 2013
    As the title says. I think it would be perfect.
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