Why you got your current car?

Discussion in 'Automotive' started by PriusRepellent, May 5, 2018.

  1. PriusRepellent

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    Mar 19, 2018
    For those that have a car, what made you choose the car you have? For me, in 2014 I needed a car to replace my 2005 Dodge Stratus which had about 170,000 miles on it and was starting to fall apart (except for the engine and transmission... those were in excellent shape). I test drove a few different cars.

    Subaru Impreza
    Toyota Corolla
    VW Golf
    Chrysler 200
    Hyundai Elantra
    Honda Civic EX

    Well, the Civic ended up being the one I overall liked the most. Electronic features everywhere (including a digital dash and touch screen radio controls), fun handling, good fuel economy, reliable, and inexpensive. Also came with a moon roof and 16-inch alloy wheels. I hate hubcaps.
  2. NinetyNine!

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    Feb 17, 2016
    fun story,
    back when we moved into our house 15 years ago there was that one neighbor with a e36 320i touring which they owned since new, for like 5 years at that point.
    little me always liked that car and always thought how cool it would be to own such a car as i've seen the owner cleaning it every week when i looked out of the window.

    And when I turned 18 4 months ago dad told me my neighbor is going to sell it.
    The price was great and now 15yrs later the car still parks at the same house, but with me as the owner :)

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  3. Alex_Farmer557

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    Dec 28, 2016
    Car: 1978 SAAB 99 Turbo
    Accoring to my documents, the car was registered in august 1978 in London (40th Bday this year!)
    skip a few years of boring normality, car ends up in northern Ireland
    Car ends up being used as a getaway car from a bank robbery
    Car gets sold at a police auction
    saab dealer buys it
    car used as chicken coop as a planned restoration
    dealer gets sick and cant work on the car
    My grandfather buys car
    restores it
    i love it
    grandfather dies
    car is left to me

    my long winded babble on why i didnt buy a car
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  4. KaiserimnopYT

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    Oct 9, 2016
    That was in February 2016. After a few bump and dent in my parents old scenic, we decided to buy a new one. This scenic was like waiting us 1H of my city
    Gas one 7 seat body but only 5 and R-Link
    And it's in red
  5. Lil Peep 2

    Lil Peep 2
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    Feb 3, 2018
    1996' Seat Ibiza 6k1
    It's my first car, been in love with the handling, really fun to drive. Rear slids a bit too much for a front-wheel traction :p Currently has a 64hp 1.9 diesel N/A, gonna swap it in the next month for a 130 hp 1.9 TDi

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  6. NismoR35

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    Aug 2, 2013
    2014 Mercedes Benz E350 Sport

    Pretty standard-ish story, my mother was in the market for a new car, and we surfed around dealerships until we came across this one that was going for a real bargain price, $23 grand for a 2014 that had roughly only 13k miles on it, we thought there had to be a gimmick or that it had been in a crash, but checking vehicle history reports, and eventually making the trip to the dealership and having a test drive, car came out all clean, 12 hours later, the car's at home. Eventually, she apparently didn't get use to driving it much, considering that she always had driven my father's 4Runner, and generally she didn't "like" it as much and well, my car at the time was showing it's age, and it was developing issues, and I was pretty much due for a new car anyway and well, here it is on my driveway.

    IMG_0697.jpg IMG_0822.jpg
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  7. RobertGracie

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    Oct 15, 2013
    2010 Volvo V60 D5 with aftermarket external TPMS system on it due to a tyre failure on my other car, 2013 Jaguar XF 3L V6 Supercharged with aftermarket external TPMS after tyre failure on the car while driving to Hawick we got the TPMS as standard on all the cars in the family, as for modifications to the cars excluding TMPS, all stock I dont like running modified cars because of the insurance would go up making it more un-viable for me to drive the cars
  8. Copunit12

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    Jan 13, 2015
    2015 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Hard Rock edition.
    My old 2001 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 frame rusted away because of the blatant corruption at the dealership maintenance shop so as a replacement and a High school graduation gift I got the Jeep even though I wanted a Ford Crown Victoria p71 police interception package. Now my father wouldn't have it because he wanted me to have a new vehicle and the only new vehicle in America that looked cool to me was a wrangler. It has the old Jeep looks and some new ones plus I could get rid of a lot of safety bs they put in cars because people are stupid and don't know how to drive or they get complacent.
    Turns out the Jeep was a good choice since when it snows I can go out and drive for hours in rear wheel drive and feel like I'm on pavement in 3 inches of snow at 30mph. Go onto the dirt trails and just enjoy the peace that the forest gives me. Its also roomy, drives well (except in high winds then its a sailboat) and looks cool. I'm hoping in the near future I can get a job and upgrade my Jeep for storm chasing out in the midwest.
    This is more or less what I want to do to my Jeep. Mix these 3 pictures to gether.
  9. on3cherryshake

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    May 12, 2015
    WOW what a gift!! Those things hold their value so well...

    It isn't my car, it's my mom's car, but I haven't got a license yet. So here it is!

    2008 Chrysler Pacifica Touring


    We got this car because someone had driven into my mom's 2006 Uplander with me and my friend in the car, which totaled the poor thing. So we needed to get her a new car. We set out to buy something that could seat all six of us and be my mom's daily driver. From the get go, me being a Chrysler guy, I said Pacifica. We looked for months at a bunch of different cars and we almost bought a TrailBlazer EXT, which would've been cool, but then I found our car on Craigslist nearby. It needed tires, a tune up, some suspension work, and it STILL needs to be detailed, but that's fine because we got it for very cheap and planned to put a solid amount of money into it. It's got less than 80k miles, so we hope it'll last us a long time. And as a bonus, it's a rust-free Virginia car. Rust free is important because Pacificas had engine cradle issues: the supplier for Chrysler never rust proofed them properly. It's been taken care of, just needs some doing-up. I'm hoping it's handed down to me.
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  10. Iro

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    Sep 20, 2015

    because it was in my price range (^^pic of my car^^)
    it was only $1 from target
  11. JBatic

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    Jan 22, 2015
    I got my firebird from my dad when I was very little and I plan on restoring it once I have a sufficient job
    I got the bronco from Oxford Connecticut. I picked it because I like bronco's, it is an I6 with a 5 speed so it is not horrid on gas, it is 4x4 and it was cheap even though it needs some work to be roadworthy again
    --- Post updated ---
    hot wheels decals are getting worse than ever before, it isn't even lined up!
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  12. losr

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    Sep 16, 2016
    Got this 2000 Jeep Cherokee as my first vehicle. It's in really good shape for the price it was, just probably needs new brake pads.
    Used to be from the south so it only barely has surface rust underneath. Engine and 4wd work well too.
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  13. blackboy trash

    blackboy trash
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    May 22, 2018
    i was looking for mainly Mitsubishi evo's, mainly the evo 4- but i ended up with a toyota soarar. the reason i got the soarar is because of the 1jz gte. it has been my favorite motor for quite a while now.
    --- Post updated ---
    how much did you pay? it looks like its in pretty good condition
  14. Svpracer

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    Aug 21, 2013
    2017 GMC Terrain SLE-2. V6, AWD
    Got this car as a two year lease simply because I need something to drive 500mi to and from college in that won't get stuck in the snow. Just finished year one of two. Not much else to say about it other than I LOVE the Pioneer sound system in it.
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