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Nov 13, 2019 at 7:40 PM
Oct 29, 2017

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Norfolk, Great Britain


from Norfolk, Great Britain

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Nov 13, 2019 at 7:40 PM
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    Norfolk, Great Britain
    my actually maybe worthwhile using mods: https://www.beamng.com/resources/authors/agentmooshroom5.272928/
    my shit private mods you can't get lol: https://imgur.com/a/4Ytg6W8

    epic quotes that own the libtards or are funny:

    "ohaioooo agent saaaannnnnnn >=<" - Ezo on my yt channel discussion page

    "Can we please stop this nonsense over "private mods causing drama"? As long as the screenshots are in BeamNG, who cares? After all, this thread is called "Community Screenshots". There are plenty of screenshots featuring private mods in the past, and even today, it seems that they will stick around for some time. If you don't like private mods, then that's fine, but don't overreact to such minor issues." - baarry5444, 17/03/2019

    "Either way, either the mod in question isn't something they'd like to release to public and aren't happy with, or simply because they do it for fun and nothing else. They don't have to release a mod because people want it. At the end of the day, you have more control over a mod you make." - Danny Werewolf

    "To be honest, this whole attitude toward certain types of mods that apparently require no "effort" is kinda stupid. Nowhere in the game description is ever stated you need to be a professional 3D artist and a no-life dedicated modder to truly enjoy the game or even just registering to these forums... If that was the case, a good 95% of the content currently available on the repository should never have seen the light of day...
    People are free to choose how they want to play the game, and if that includes Automation content, so be it. To each their own, it doesn't affect anybody else so nobody should have the rights to filter out content on this ridiculous "effort required" basis..." - Flying 2 Your Soul

    "how can you explain that i learned more from someone who makes meshslaps (no offense) than from someone whos pro at modding and making scratch made stuff" - waboll

    "the longest poop on discord" - DankMemeBunny

    "CJ is very thick" - the GTAAll admins

    "i want to piss toilet is for pissing right?"
    "i thought it was fridge but okay thanks for help" - maty

    "If anything is dying, it is the community.
    The game is actually making solid progress I think.
    The forums are called shit by multiple users. This is not because "there are little kids everywhere", it's because you don't make it nice for yourself.
    A nice forum/meet/server/social thing is nice because it has a good mix between the topic, the users and the off-topic.
    A forum with pure on-topic replies is boring, I know. But currently there is too much shitposting and people that complain about this are the same people that actually shitpost.
    Let me give an example of this.
    I have a thread for my unfinished stuff: https://www.beamng.com/threads/blijos-unfinished-stuff.58912/#post-1013482
    Post #10 is somewhat ugly to read and instead of ignoring it, 5-6 users decide to reply on it and add 10 replies to the post that are completely unneeded, not funny and lowering the quality of the forums. THAT is the problem.
    Same goes for these "big names being banned", they did something to get that ban.
    So, if you want to have a nice forum, be nice yourself and behave like you want others to behave. Not very hard imho, think before replying and then think again." - Blijo

    "bean navigator" - ludovicg4l

    "Jokes on you I'll snort so much ketamine the day before it's released i'll die and never wake up just to prove you wrong." - gdfastner

    "the author seems to have problems with a part of the brain that is responsible for vision" - russian man in the modsgaming comment section

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    "how can you explain that i learned more from someone who makes meshslaps (no offense) than from someone whos pro at modding and making scratch made stuff" - waboll
    "ohaioooo agent saaaannnnnnn >=<" - Ezo on my yt channel discussion page
    "You know I make money off you" - ivan lochcov
    "Normal Tomato Ketchup . " - ivan lochcov
    "owo rat sex" - AnOrangeHellcat
    "anime poop" - ivan lochcov
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