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May 6
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A Digital World
Tired ;-;


from A Digital World

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    May 6
    Home Page:
    A Digital World
    Tired ;-;


    I'm Codeslamer⑨#2316 on Discord, feel free to add me (Just like lettme know if you do first)

    My (cursed) computer!:
    Windows 10
    Intel i5 8500
    Nvidia GTX 960 2GB
    16GB DDR4 G.Skill RGB RAM @ 2400mhz
    620W PSU
    Storage {250GB SSD}
    More storage {1TB}
    More Storage {3TB}
    A black (with white keycaps) Ducky Shine 7 keyboard w/ Cherry MX Brown switches
    A Logitech G Pro Hero mouse
    (Old mouse: Logitech G303 mouse)
    Aaand a XP-Pen G640 drawing tablet (Literally, just to play osu! with)

    My old computer, for when my computer decides it wants a day or so off:
    Windows 7
    AMD FX-6350
    Nvidia GTX 960 (It's literally just the same gpu)
    16GB of completely generic who knows stuff, lol (;^^)
    500W PSU
    A super slow 5400 drive with 500GB space

    Latest favourite song (and ringtone!~°˖✧):

    Other favourite music*:・゚✧:
    The quality mega sucks, but this is all there is ><

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    aw yeyuh
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