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May 18, 2020
Apr 29, 2016

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May 18, 2020
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    JDM fan, AUDM fan, EUDM fan, USDM fan. Fave car; R34 Skyline GT-R. Current wanted car; R33 GTS-T Skyline. Fave thing that has an engine and moves; Tie between the Cromwell and Panzer IV tanks. Fave dumb car choice; Delorean DMC-12 cause time travel.
    Fave music... Uh, very long and varied list... Classic rock, Classic pop, J-pop (Mostly vocaloid but some other stuff is nice), Eurobeat (Yes, really.), Classic country, SOME modern pop/rock/dubstep, And some classical. (1812 Overture's ending piece is the best thing in musical history. Period.)
    Current gaming setup, ASUS M32 PC, PS2 slim, PS3 slim, Wii U, DS, 3DS, and a currently unset-up N64. TV, some early 2000's BENQ thingy, and it outdoes pretty much any other modern TV I've used...
    Fave shows; LOST, Doctor Who, SWTCW, GUP, Get Smart, old TMNT, old Inspector gadget, Initial D, Hogan's Heroes, Black Adder, Keeping up Appearances, Once Upon A Time, Midsomer Murders, and Doctor Blake murder mysteries.
    Fave books. Uh, list is far too long for here, mostly Murder mystery and Medieval fantasy.
    Fave games; LOZ TP/BOTW, beamNG drive, Midnight club 3 DUB EDITION REMIX, WOT, Warthunder, Total War ROME II and ROME I, CIV 5, Rise of nations, NFS MW (2005) GT6, hell, the list goes on.
    Intensely dislikes pretty much any modern cars, why are we supposed to want to buy melted angry looking soap bars?... And oddly enough, I actually do like the prius. (yes really, it is a freakin' cash saver when it comes to fuel, and said saved cash can be spent on actual good cars.)


    I'm here to eat Tim-Tams and make crappy posts, And I'm all outta Tim-Tams.
    R34 Skyline is best Carifu, fite me.
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