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    "Live for gain, not shoot to maim, but we don't need a reason. The Golden Goose is on the loose and never out of season." - 2 Minutes To Midnight.

    I aim to please, and please to aim. Wait, no.

    MY CARS:

    Black and grey 1971 Gavril Barstow w/ Supercharged 423cui V8 (The Barstow Bomber V2)

    White, green and red 1992 Civetta Bolide Corse Tricolore (Summer daily)

    Blue and white 1998 Gavril D35 Chief Rancher (Winter daily)

    Red and white 1954 Burnside Special w/ 423cui swap (Cruiser/Grocery Getter)

    Black, gunmetal and grey 1970 Gavril Barstow w/ AWD and supercharged 423cui V8 (The Pavement Punisher)

    Silver and Yellow 1955 Burnside Special w/ 423cui V8 (Shop Bitch/Blacktop Bruiser)

    Black and Gold 1975 Bruckell Moonhawk w/ Built 378cui V8


    Beige 1994 Gavril Grand Marshal

    Pink 1988 ETK 2400i (Le Shit Mobile)
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