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Hunter Atkins

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Nov 19, 2022
  • About

    DMG or (The Dominion Motor Group) is a fictional high-volume automotive manufacturing giant specializing in high quality passenger cars.

    ***As of June 2021 I`ve completely restructured my fictional brands to simplify and refresh the line, many low volume, and unpopular DMG brands have been cut. below you will find listed the remaining DMG brands after this restructuring, and further below you will find the DMG brands prior to this restructuring. I've done this so that I can focus on DMG`s core brands***
    -Hunter Atkins
    (DMG CEO)

    DMG Brands and Companies
    (Post-2021 Restructuring)


    (Ultra Luxury Grand Touring and Super Car Brand)

    Atkins Motor Corp.
    (Ultra Luxury Focused Brand)

    Zilnova Motors Inc.
    (Purpose Built Governmental Limousines)

    Linceton Motor Co.
    (Classic American Luxury Focused Brand)

    Vichi Motors
    (Luxury Focused Brand Inspired By Italian Design)

    Dominion Motor Company
    (Premium Focused Brand)

    Vectris Motors
    (Premium Mild Offroad Brand Inspired By Swedish Design)

    Relara Motors
    (Daily Driving Focused Brand)

    (Commercial Brand Focusing On Purpose Built Work Vehicles / Concept Cars)

    Car Brands and Companies Owned By DMG
    (Pre-2021 Restructuring)

    Dominion Motor Company
    DOI (Dominion Of India) (Discontinued 2021)
    Relara Motors
    Linceton Motor Company
    Vectris Motors
    Energen Hybrid-Electric Motors(Discontinued 2021)
    DMG (Dominion Motor Group)
    Aspen(Discontinued 2021)
    Cortina(Discontinued 2021)
    AJM (Atkins-Japanese Market)(Discontinued 2021)
    Atkins Motor Corporation
    Cosmopolitan Motors(Discontinued 2021)
    Simple Motors(Discontinued 2021)
    Vichi Motors
    Afdal Motors(Discontinued 2021)
    Zilnova Motors Inc.
    Esquire Co.(Discontinued 2021)
    Zeppelin Co.(Discontinued 2021)
    Rodus Motor Co.(Discontinued 2021)

    Other DMG Intellectual Property

    Hellhound Performance(Discontinued 2021)
    Dominion Motor Company (Sports Car Division)(Discontinued 2021)
    DMG (Government General Division)(Discontinued 2021)

    DMG Corporate Partnerships

    DMG/Oslo Motors(Discontinued 2021)
    DMG/MAIC(Discontinued 2021)


    Dominion Group Motor Cars Inc.
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