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Warsaw, Poland


from Warsaw, Poland

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    Warsaw, Poland

    I have BeamNG since October 2015
    My favorite car in BeamNG: 1988 Pessima

    Actually I was looking at the forum since the time I got BeamNG, but i just never thought of creating an account until December 2018.

    Fun useless fact: The 0.15 update released on the same day that i got my PC, which is good because a) I didn't suffer on GTX550Ti b) GTX550Ti didn't suffer.
    judging from the profile pic you think i am a furry? no i am not. this is a cool sheep i found in scotland. i am NOT a furry and i am NOT thinking about being one and i am NOT a fan of furries, BUT i do NOT have anything to them, if you are a furry, continue your life as a furry, i dont really care if you are one. but i wonder, why are so many people furries here tho, as i have never seen that much furries/m^2 :hmm:

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    New system: Intel i5-9600k, Gigabyte Z370-DS3H, inno3D GTX 1060 6GB Dual, 16GB 2666MHz RAM
    Old System: i5-2500k, GTX 550 Ti, 4GB RAM
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