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Jul 6, 2020 at 12:06 AM
Jul 8, 2016

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Viewing thread Ford Fiesta Mk1 (1976-1983), Jul 6, 2020 at 12:06 AM
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    daily use
    Pearl White 1991 Ibishu Covet 1.5 ZXi Special Edition(MT) (The "get away" car from daily life..usually at Friday night.)
    LSK-4219(Life Suck-4219(when pronounced in Japanese,sound simiar to "going to die"))

    Flame Orange 1991 Ibishu Pessima('88) 1.8 HX(AT) (a Customized HX with Automatic transmission)
    XXS-3906 (a Customized HX with Automatic transmission)

    Light Brown 1989 Ibishu Yuso 1.5 DX(MT) (For transport little props from shop to set)

    Jet Black 2001 Gravril H-Series H15 Vanster(AT) (For Bigger props and special missions)

    1990 Ibishu Covet 1.5 LXi 50th(AT) MHC-0001
    1990 Ibishu Pessima('88) 2.0 LX 50th(AT) MHC-0002
    1990 Ibishu Pessima('88) 2.0 ZX Anniversary(AT) MHC-0003
    1991 Ibishu Pessima('88) 2.0 LX Final Edition(AT) MHC-0004

    MH Animation Inc. USA Divsion Manager.

    12 Main street Garfield Heights,USA.
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