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Wasting my life on this game


from USA

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    Wasting my life on this game
    Watched BeamNG.Drive on youtube since 2013, downloaded 2016, joined forums 2021
    I don't make mods because I'm too dumb/too lazy and I generally don't contribute anything to the community.
    Computer Specs
    CPU: Intel 9th gen I7 9700K
    GPU: GTX 1650
    RAM: 16GB
    PSU: 600W
    HDD: 2TB (my SSD broke:()
    Steering Wheel: Logitech G920
    I don't post much, and when I do, I'm probably just commenting on something.
    Steam: (I’ve played beam a lot more but most of the time I’m not signed in)
    For the love of god, please try to use proper grammar!

    Don’t act like a 9 year old. It makes you look immature and people won’t take you seriously.

    Don't beg for private mods to be released. It's really annoying, especially if they already told you no.

    Try to make it obvious that your joking. For example, put /s or a smiley. Remember, this is the internet and people can't see your facial expressions or hear the tone you speak in.
    PLEASE DON'T be like this guy.

    Use the search bar before you clog up the forum with a thread that serves no purpose/has already been done.

    Please don’t be toxic, it’s way to common in this forum nowadays and it’s completely uncalled for. If your mad at someone, be civil and polite, even if they’re not. If you’re rude too, it just feeds the fire.

    If you are deep into a heated argument with someone, stay civil and be the bigger person. If you end up being wrong, politely admit that they were right and don’t say “WeEl YoUr StuPID sO JuMP OfF a CliFf.” If someone is being overly toxic, just leave. Don’t fuel them to be more toxic!

    Anime sucks. Deal with it.
    “i want it so bad pls giv devs when relez giv pls” -P_enta
    “Ok” -Diamondback responding to P_enta
    Giga Chad moment


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