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Aug 10, 2020 at 5:55 PM
Jan 1, 2020

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Kaby lake
Mechanic, Floridaman,gamer,cool guy


from Kaby lake

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    Home Page:
    Kaby lake
    Mechanic, Floridaman,gamer,cool guy
    Hi guys, Phym here:)
    If you have doubts I am 24, just know that I have ADHD. please understand that, thanks.
    No, I'm not a girl, I'm a boy. Pc specs: Intel core i5 9th gen processor, HDMI port, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 With Max-Q GPU 4GB,1x M.2 SSD Combo slot (NVMe PCIe Gen3 / SATA),SSD 1x M.2 SSD Combo slot (NVMe PCIe Gen3 / SATA), HDD 1x 2.5" SATA HDD, 64GB space, Windows 10 OS(what else?). I know a bit of javascript, Good at 3d modeling too.

    My PC is like the Dodge Demon, powerful, sexy, and cheap-ish
    For when you want power for a reasonable price
    Here are the mods I have:
    Dh "hard to control" sportbike
    Bruckell "wow. Just wow." Starwind
    Toyota Coronaprius
    Lexus"Holy Shit"LFA
    Audi "Elegance" S4
    Kia "Yowch!"Stinger
    Big thanks to @RobloxFan2
    You can like MacOS, just note that I think Windows is better.
    If it was this page that made you think I was 12 or whatever, I used to be an edgy person who did whatever he wanted and used his ego to cever up his problems, but not anymore. I’m a changed man
    Things about me:
    I'm 24
    My birthday is 4/20
    My sister is an English teacher.
    I've never had a BsoD.
    never underestimate someone's PC
    @Grind86,@Appesh1,@Robloxfan2,@MrJavelin,@SuperchargedandSavage,@Superausten64 and @KrukasKlep, you all are awesome
    Never gonna give you up lmao rickrolled:oops:


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