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The Netherlands


from The Netherlands

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    The Netherlands
    As more people here are doing:
    my car
    1991 Jeep Wrangler YJ
    engine: 4.0L High output
    • Apparently in the 90's 180hp out of a 4.0 was considered High output in the states?
    • Fairly peppy below a 100kph but above that its just slow (possible because if has the aerodynamics of a garden shed)
    • 5 speed manual, that is behaves like a synchronised transmission when it is cold.
    • It uses fuel like it's a free thing(I average about 21L/100km, 11.2 mpg for you Muricans)
    • However it makes all the right noises
    • and its a soft top, in other words a no top for half of the year
    • is only officially allowed to pull 1000 kg, but my experiments show that 2000 kg is still fairly good as long a you're not on the highway. and 3000 kg is to just a bit too much.
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