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Nov 13, 2017

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Home Page:
Celeste Mountain
Student, Sleeping
  • About

    Home Page:
    Celeste Mountain
    Student, Sleeping
    she/her | amateur modder, 3D artist, and music producer | probably a weeaboo | powered by tea (in all forms)

    Heyya! I'm Rezia, (aka. Eri The Witch). I do a lot of modding things here, and am always happy to offer advice if you’re stuck on anything for your own projects!

    I see a lot of other people doing this, soo...

    My car:
    Mira, a Midnight Blue 2007 Honda Odyssey EX-L
    • A 3.5L V6 (that hates the cold)
    • A 5-speed automatic transmission (that doesn’t like to shift into reverse on hills)
    • Tires that like to spin if there’s any moisture on the ground whatsoever
    • Automatic slidey doors (that ocassionally get stuck)
    • A manual rear hatch (that gets stuck if it’s too hot outside)
    • A DVD player (which has been used like twice)
    • A decent-ish speaker system
    • Heated seats! (Aw yeyuh!)
    • Like 10 cup holders in the front alone (~20 total)
    • An aux cable plugged into an RCA converter which runs under the carpet to the back of the van where it’s plugged into the RCA ports there so that you can plug in a phone into the speakers
    Mods & Stuff
    1989 Ibishu Kashira

    1995 Ibishu Kashira

    Work in Progress:
    2016 Ibishu Aria

    • 2018 Hirochi Pixi, Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Car
    • 2018 Hirochi *insert name here*, Compact Mid-Engined Hatchback
    • 1996 Ibishu ???, Sporty FWD Liftback
    • 1968 Ibishu Starling, Small Japanese van/pickup

    My Modding Policies:

    All of my mods are free for anyone to mod, edit, and expand on, provided that any released mods are made with original content that does cause conflicts with the base mod. Basically, I'm fine with anything as long as your mod doesn't copy existing jbeam files from the original (which can cause conflicts due to duplicated files) or break the base mod in any other way. If you have any questions about any of that, please ask!

    Anyone who collaborates with me on a mod that I'm leading must do so in agreement that the mod they are helping work on may be further modded by other users in the future. If you wish to remove any of your work from a released mod that you helped work on, you must tell me at least 2 months in advance.

    However, if I am working on a project that another user is leading, it is up to them to decide if and what mods will be allowed on their project. I'm a strong believer in free and open content, but I will also respect the feelings of other modders for their own projects.

    Current favorite song(s) (Updated November 5):

    PC Specs:
    • 4th gen 3.40 GHz Intel i7
    • 16GB DDR4 REM RAM
    • 965MB Nvidia GPU (eeekk)
    • 3TB HDD
    • A motherboard of some sorts
    • Fans (which are pretty cool)
    • A DVD burner
    • Windows 8
    • An old 24 inch Samsung HD monitor
    • A very old 20-inch Dell monitor as a secondary screen
    • A white Durgod K320 Taurus TKL keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches (clicky switches == best switches)
    • An old, cheepish Gigabyte “gaming” mouse (because the one that came with the computer was just super uncomfortable and terrible)
    • A small and cheep Wacom Intuos drawing tablet
    I don’t really play that many memory-intensive PC games (BeamNG being a notable exception), so it doesn’t really matter that much that my computer specs are kinda lowish for modern standards. Eventually, I’ll probably end up just building a new PC, but for now, I’m pretty content with what I have. I mean, I can’t really run West Coast USA, like at all, but otherwise, I actually get a pretty consistent 30ish fps on BeamNG! (^.^)

    Favorites and Stuff!
    • Anime: Clannad (After Story) or Zombieland Saga (I can’t decide)
    • Movie (Live-Action): Eighth Grade
    • Movie (Animated): Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)
    • Song: Definitely Nectar by Magic Circuit! I’ve probably listened to it waaayyy too much...
    • Album: Magic Circuit - Magic Circuit
    • Dream Car: 2nd Gen Subaru Forester XT
    • Food: Sushi
    • Colors: Light pink & turquoise
    • BeamNG Map: Jungle Rock Island & Italy
    • BeamNG Car: Miramar & Pigeon
    • Video Game: Celeste! But also like the entire Legend of Zelda series (specifically Majoras Mask and Link to the Past) and Stardew Valley.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Can you make *thing* for your next mod?

    A: Eh, probably not. I have a lot of projects planned already, and I’d like to get to those first. Modding is also a very time consuming hobby, so I’d prefer to be working on something I’m motivated to finish.

    Q: Could you potentially add *thing* to *current mod project*?

    A: This really depends on how complicated it is. I love hearing people’s feedback and ideas for my modding projects, and I try to include as many ideas as possible. That being said, I generally put ideas into two categories, based on whether they will be easy to add, or more difficult. Easy things will get done first, and the harder things get put on my mental to-do list for the future. For instance, a front bumper-bar for the Kashira is relatively easy to do, but an F1 spec is much harder and time consuming, so I may wait until the next update to start work on it. Really, when in doubt, just ask! If I really don’t like an idea, I’ll let you know, but for the most part, I’m pretty open to suggestions! (^^)

    Q: Can I be a beta tester for *mod project*?

    A: Depending on how many testers I have already, I may consider it, but probably not. I generally try to keep betas quick and smallish anyways, so that there is less of a sense of exclusivity, because I want to be fair to everyone. The only exception is if people are actually helping out with some significant portion of the mod, in which case I’ll try to send them a copy of the mod so that they can actually work on stuff.

    Q: Can I help out with *thing* on *mod project*?

    A: Really, it depends on what it is. If it’s something I can easily do myself, then probably not. But if it’s something I’m not as good at, I may consider it.

    Q: Why hasn’t there been any progress on *mod project* in a while?

    A: Although I generally enjoy it, modding is an incredibly time consuming hobby, and I often just simply don’t have time to work on things. Also, since it’s just something I do for fun, if a particular project is being problematic and frustrating me, I may take a break from it and work on something else for a bit. I try to never abandon bigger projects, but I may work at a bit of a slower pace than other modders.

    Q: What does this "aw yeyuh" thing mean?

    A: aw yeyuh

    Q: Why did you add a FAQ section to your profile?

    A: Because they’re things I get asked a lot. ٩(๑^.^๑)۶ And also because my profile could always use more things to make it even more of an unorganized disaster of random facts and info. (*´꒳`*)

    So... yeah!

    Links & Stuff

    My YouTube Channel (I mainly just use this for uploading music I've made)
    My Kitsu (somewhat incomplete because I recently migrated from MAL, but whatever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
    PM me if you want to add me on Discord!

    aw yeyuh

    Ahhhhh, what do I do now?[/IMG]

    Group Memberships

    Re:Z_IA does not belong to any groups.


    aw yeyuh
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