Mar 15, 2017

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Omsk, Omsk Oblast', RSFSR, USSR
11th grade student
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    Omsk, Omsk Oblast', RSFSR, USSR
    11th grade student
    in General, I am from the Russian Federation, but our system of goverment has never changed and we have always lived under the tsar' or vozhd'(tsar' = king, vozhd' = leader or something like this).
    Actually Yes, I'm from Russia and ironically my name is Ivan, but Im not Ivan Lochkov
    I am not proud that I live in Russia and I have a Russian passport
    Yeah, I am public enemy and I must be banished to the Gulag. XD
    Yes, Im a 11th grade student, its my last year in school, after it I want to go to SpbGUAP (Russia) university or Tartu University in Estonia.
    If you wanna learn some russian - just start conversation with me. Or write me in discord
    If you wanna play with me, for example the most popular game in CIS - CS:GO - write me in the Steam. Link in signature.
    Music recomendation from RetrO:
    1) Europe
    2) Rammstein
    3) Queen
    4) KINO (soviet rock-group)
    5) Grazhdanskaya Oborona (soveit-russian punk-rock group)
    Films recomendation from RetrO:
    1) John Wick
    2) Spider man - homecoming & far from home
    3) Bohemian Rapsody
    4) Straight Outta Compton
    Game recomendation from RetrO:
    1) Watch_Dogs 1
    2) Need For Speed: Rivals
    Ваше здоровье!


    *something in russian*
    check profile info syka
    YouTube Steam discord - sonne #6420
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