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canada, Quebec


from canada, Quebec

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Sep 11, 2016
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    canada, Quebec
    Hi my name is simon i'm 14 I like playing video games and puting gameplay videos on youtube . here is the link for my youtube channel
    and I am now learning to code

    gaming, youtubing, building models,coding/programming


    my specs:
    Motherboard: EVGA P55 FTW
    cpu: Intel core i5 750 with water cooling!
    gpu: EVGA gtx 570 hd
    ram: 8 gb gskill and dominator (runs well with 2 different brands)
    case: Lancool Dragon Lord
    harddrives: 1 128 gb Kingston ssd, 1 750 gb 2.5 inch Western Digital Caviar Black Edition, 1 600 gb Western Digital Caviar Black Edition and 1 200 gb Western Digital Caviar Blue Edition
    psu: OCZ (model unknown I have to check) 1000 watts (I know this is stupid but I got it cheap)
    os: Windows 7 64 bit (Windows 10 sucks for now)
    Microphone: Blue Ice Snowball
    mouse: Saitek GM3200

    my favorite car brands:
    - Honda
    - Hyundai
    - Acura
    - Porsche

    my favorite cars:
    -Hyundai Genesis, Hyundai Equus
    -Honda Crosstour, Honda Nsx
    -Chevy corvette
    -Porsche Cayenne
    -Acura TL
    and too many to list!

    Favorite USED GPU
    EVGA GTX 660 2 GB and 3 GB
    EVGA GTX 570

    favorite USED cpus
    - Intel core i5 750
    - Intel core i7 920
    - Intel core i3 550
    - Intel core i3 530
    - Intel core i3 540

    Q How many gb of ram do you recommend?
    A 8GB
    Q should you buy used when on A budget for a gaming pc?
    A yes
    Q Favorite games?
    A Sims 3, beamNG, Roller coaster tycoon 1,2 and 3
    Q best USED cpu when on a tight gaming budget?
    A Intel core i3 530, Intel core i3 550, Intel core i5 750
    Q best used GPU?
    A GTX 570, GTX 660

    my youtube channel I do beamNG drive crash compilations, sims 3, etc. SUBSCRIBE TO ME
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