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    This used to be my sig, before they fucked it all up.
    Some Quotes, "Because putting yourself in your signature is disrespectful."*

    "this would be a funny quote for someone to put in there sig" - keys, 10-4-2017

    "I want a drivable dildo" - cookieman, 10-9-17

    "#modernslavery #lel #getrekt" - Nadeox1, 12-11-14

    "You guys have it all so wrong

    Gavril = Tesla
    Hirochi = Microsoft
    Ibishi = Konigsegg
    ETK = Monsanto
    Bruckell = Harrison Ford
    Solidad = Charmand"
    -ManfredE3, 10-31-17

    "They have gotten rid of the Aston martin grill!
    Brb, gonna raid Detroit." - Carbohydration, on the new Ford Fiesta

    "How soft are feathers to the bird? When I cuddle my quail, her feathers are softer than cotton balls."
    -FireStriker, 11-29-17

    "please leave me alone, i just want to be left alone. do not bother me, i just want to be left alone. i tell you 'leave me alone' and you still bother me. why you do this? every morning i put cocoa butter on my skin, so that my skin has the healthy glow. now leave me alone. i dont want this. you try to give me this, i dont want this. i want to be left alone. eveyr morning i wake up, i go outside. the first morning, i find a snake and i kill the snake. the second morning, i go outside. another snake. the same color, the same size. i kill the snake. the third morning. the third morning, i go outside, there is a snake and right before i kill the snake, the snake looks up at me and he says to me 'i just want to be left alone, why you do this?' i left the snake alone. i find no more snakes in the morning."
    -TechnicolorDalek, 11-30-17

    -Happy now? Did I satisfy your fear-mongering needs?

    "The ibishu pigeon windows windowns not shattering "breaking" when crashing the 3 door car."
    -DJpands, 12-11-17

    "I want the dialogues
    (Dialogue to say):I am just left the gang and was back in mess"
    -MihaMBK on his FrizEris movie application, 12-23-17

    "kaiser imnop how look like black and white?"
    -huatuanhai, trying to appease the Imnop, 12-31-2017

    "I hope whoever made this game whoever approved this game dies the most painful way possible this is a literal car accident I would rather die than play an hour of this"- review on one of the Beam ripoffs

    "they complained because their buttholes got diddled"
    -TechnicolorDalek, discussing the site's chat function, 2-21-2018

    "Launch in more than 1 year"
    -Steam, trying to update BeamNG

    "Only maniac use punctuation"
    -Kaiser Imnop, 3-16-2018

    *-Flippi284, 11-2-17


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