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Aug 12, 2022
Oct 14, 2019

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Vaio Motors

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Aug 12, 2022
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    Vaio Automotive Corporation (V.A.C) is a leading American automaker giant based in Michigan. Leading the industry in technology, safety, performance, as well as the transition to a fully electrified future. VAC has pledge to produce EV only vehicles by 2025. Vaio Motors has been developing an electric vehicle platform (Project 0) for all brands under the VAC group to share. Project 0's mission is simple, 0 emissions, 0 limitations, 0 compromises. The main companies under VAC are as followed:
    - Vaio Motors
    -Saturn Motors
    -Celestial (As of 2021)-(Once Leven)
    -LUX Audio
    -Sikrona Engineering (Tech firm)

    Subsidiary companies under the VAC group:
    *NOTE: Some brands have been liquidated/changed due to corporate changes for the future*

    - VFV (Vaio Federal Vehicle division)
    - DuraForce (Heavy duty engine development)*-Liquidated June 15th 2021*
    -ProStar (Commercial/Heavy duty vehicle manufacture)*-Liquidated June*
    -Sikrona Electric (Electric tech/software company)
    -VPA TechCo( Vaio Premium Audio/ Audio company)*- Now LUX Audio*
    -ProStar Electric(Electric Commercial/Heavy duty vehicle manufacture)


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