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January 17
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    January 17
    Professional Redneck


    "It's cool, but just not really useful. Also, the video trailers are killing me"- CaptanW
    "What does not kill you makes you stronger. Except for my and Endangered Spycrab's mod commercial videos... They will kill you."- Me
    "I have 3 BMM X5"- ivan lochcov aka hiron man aka Gensta aka Randers
    "Ibishu Pessasshole"- BlueKnight
    " 'Celebrity' is that like a washed out celebrity who has become addicted to crack?
    Or in other words, the Lindsey Lohan of cars."- HadACoolName about a beater Chevrolet Celebrity
    "WITNESS CIVIC"- TheActionHero
    "pesama wagin"- tommyschnettler
    "Normal tomato ketchup"- ivan lochcov
    "I have no plans on getting banned"- FS16
    "When I'm too lazy to powerslide into a tree, the pole crash cart saves the day!"- Aboroath
    "Demented editor camera + Alzheimer Feature!"- bob.blunderton
    "All you had to do was follow the damn pessima CJ!"- JPHL
    "You don't have to be some kind of deviant to pick out the more aesthetically pleasing set of toes"- Potato
    "Can I get the road cruiser? I'll pay extra if you can throw it off a cliff for me."- Car8john doing roleplay
    "Thank you but I don't like this car and suffer it in GTA 5 with love and soul and why it has created a car for a student "- ivan lochcov
    "Nothing lasts forever except heaven, hell, God, and BeamNG"- gigawert
    "I don't know the word 'no'"- ivan lochcov
    "From friendship in sports - to the world on the land"- russian youth sports event slogan
    "Car was 1.9 litre"- 11th/12th class physics book from my school
    "This car will perfectly fit both into the game world and your mind"- GTA mod site
    Roleplay money for car selling: $51541
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