10K Deo Volente - The almost fastest Automation car 8.0

It may break your game. Top Speed of 15600km/h (9700mph)!! It's back!

  1. Added body customisation to the Deo 5.0! JATO rockets, Ram plows, Police stuff

    Hello again!
    Ive been working on the Deo recently and made something majestic!
    Ive added some body customisation to the Deo Volente. The outcome are: JATO rockets (cant forget those :p) a Ram Plow and Police accessory.
    screenshot_2019-06-27_19-47-35.png screenshot_2019-06-27_19-53-19.png screenshot_2019-06-27_20-00-59.png
    You now have many more configurations to your disposal!
    Making many things possible with the Deo.. such as ramming cars away, flying with Thrusters, and chasing criminals!
    Make sure to read all the descriptions I wrote xD

    screenshot_2019-06-27_19-54-42.png screenshot_2019-06-27_19-56-09.png


    1. screenshot_2019-06-27_20-03-01.png
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