10K Deo Volente - The almost fastest Automation car 8.0

It may break your game. Top Speed of 15600km/h (9700mph)!! It's back!

  1. Fully fixed plus new top speed! Mach 12/15600km/h/9700mph

    The speed battle is on again! I have taken some time to fix the Deo Volente up. It can now reach speeds of Mach 12. Above that, the stability of it has been improved a lot! above Mach 2 you can just let the car do it's thing. The power output also was doubled to make it take a bit less long.

    Anyways, have fun! And thanks a lot to Neilogical for bringing this topic up again ^^
  2. Added body customisation to the Deo 5.0! JATO rockets, Ram plows, Police stuff

    Hello again!
    Ive been working on the Deo recently and made something majestic!
    Ive added some body customisation to the Deo Volente. The outcome are: JATO rockets (cant forget those :p) a Ram Plow and Police accessory.
    screenshot_2019-06-27_19-47-35.png screenshot_2019-06-27_19-53-19.png screenshot_2019-06-27_20-00-59.png
    You now have many more configurations to your disposal!
    Making many things possible with the Deo.. such as ramming cars away, flying with Thrusters,...​
  3. Added new variation + tuning parts + new top speed + you can rev to 1.5 mil RPM

    The new update of the Deo Volente is here!

    What will await you in the 6.0 update:
    -a redesigned version of the Deo!
    -tuning parts
    -a part that allows you to rev to 1.5 million rpm
    -new pictures!
    Ive figured out how to do overlays and this is the result! New images that catch your attention...
  4. NEW TOP SPEED: 9555km/h/5934mph!!!!! + Fixed deflated tires!

    Ive sat down for another 2-3 days and the result is: Groundbreaking speed.
    The Deo now manages speeds of up to 9555km/h / 3934mph!
    terminalvelocity.png nodeflatedtires.png

    As you might expect, the tires are now even bigger and more stupendous. But thanks to @simon1234 , Ive gotten rid of the deflated tires! the car may now handle... like a car at low speed!...
  5. New top speed: 5180km/h / 3218mph , changed info file, more color options!

    The time has come. The Deo Volente has broken Mach 4 and the 3000mph barrier/5000km/h barrier.

    It is so damn fast that the suspension literally starts bouncing near top speed because the tires... arent really round anymore...
    This new speed brings some danger with it, one of them is the fact that the front wheely get massive amounts of front camber meaning that you will have to steer in order to get the wheels in a...
  6. New top speed: 4132km/h / 2567mph , changed info file

    On Neilogicals video about my Deo Volente and the V10 Destroyer, The creator of the V10 Destroyer announced that his car will go 2100mph soon and has provided some proof.
    So I didnt wait long and got to work to make the Deo Volente even faster.
    It not only went up from Mach 2.2 to Mach 3.3, But it also broke the 4000km/h barrier!

    It can now go 4132km/h aka...
  7. Top Speed: 2781km/h (1721mph). Now featuring NOS!

    So. THIS WILL STAY THE FASTEST CAR GOD DAMN! Im not gonna get beaten any time soon heh.
    Now to the important stuff: New everything.
    The Deo Volente has basically doubled it speed! It can now go 2781km/h (1721mph). Thats Mach 2.26... Its faster than almost any plane!
    This has got to be the fastest car in BeamNG.
    Another great thing: NOS! You can now add a 10 or 3000kw shot of almost endless Nos to your car. You can apply it in the vehicle config. The...
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