'17 Apex Amaranthine 3400 Coupe 3.0

Balanced automotive experience.

  1. Efficient Harmony

    Theme: Efficiency.

    Goal: Maximise it.
    Goal2: Do not go over 50k in price. If you do, the world will end :p

    Engine - has lost 600ccm, and around 60 horsepower. But also weight. And revs even higher now. More economical, even less wheelspin and power loss on delivery.

    Chassis - Over 200kg lighter. Partial carbon fibre, glued aluminium. New suspension. Even more front-biased weight balance for maximum possible traction.

    Better acceleration. Slightly lower top speed, but still hitting the magic 300kph number.

    Result - comes within 2 seconds of the fastest RWD car I ever ran up the Peak. With much less engine power, I might add. And infinitely easier to drive. :)

    Enjoy the Amaranthine's Final Form!


    1. Screenshot201.png
    2. Screenshot202.png
    3. Screenshot203.png
    4. Screenshot204.png
    5. Screenshot205.png
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